One To Watch: Visual Artist, Sara Golish


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I stumbled across Sara Golish’s latest series, Moondust- an ode to Afrofuturism and natural hair-and I was so captivated by the Canadian artist’s work, that I decided to learn more about her.

sara1The Ontario College of Art & Design graduate’s work is rich with a melting pot of influences which include a love of Black North American culture and the 70s.  In fact, the 70s is an era that Sara is utterly enamoured with.  The music, vinyl records and their album covers, rollerskating, the iconic hues, the design sense, the cars and the photography: are all sources of inspirational for Sara.

I am currently searching for some African-inspired paintings for my flat and I am utterly in love with Sara’s work in this area and what she had to say to Canada Arts Connect about her inspiration, ‘I would like to bring an awareness and appreciation to the power and beauty women behold, particularly women of colour. I find it astonishing we still live in a world where mainstream beauty is for the most part defined as one shape, one shade and one age group. From what I can see, it seems as though there is a slow shift taking place and correcting this long-standing standard of what defines beauty. If there’s anything I hope my art does, it is that it brings a new, positive ideal into the forefront sooner than later.’

sara2The Toronto based artist’s accomplishments so far include a BFA in 2008 for Drawing & Painting, acquiring the Eric Freifeld Award for ‘Proficiency in draughtsmanship, to name but a few.  She has worked on high-end residential, corporate and retail interior design projects for places in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Sarasota and Barbados.

sara3sara4sara5sara6sara7How great are these illustrations?  I love how they depict the different styles a black woman can style her hair naturally: Bantu knots, corn rows with beads, Statement Afro, TWA…My wish is to have the entire Moondust series hanging in my hallway, and I’m going to work towards this!

Artist, Sara Golish,

Artist, Sarah Golish

All illustrations featured are from Sara’s Moondust series, to learn more about the collection and its creator: visit her site here.

Unless otherwise stated, all images are courtesy of

Short Afros ‘n’ Floral Crowns


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One evening last week, I decided I was going to finally buy a Floral Crown, so I went to the internet to Google some inspirational looks.  However, I wasn’t just looking for girls sporting floral crowns which can be found in abundance on the web, I was looking for girls with short Afros, TWA’s and the like wearing floral crowns.  I soon find out that such images were like gold dust on the net. Sure enough, there were lots of images with caucasian girls or black girls with relaxed hair or big Afro’s wearing various assorted crowns, floral fabricators and the like, but lots of images showing girls with very short Afros wearing floral crowns, hmmmm, not so much; and that’s was inspired me to do this post.

I saw the below floral crown at Claire’s and knew I had to have it instantly.  I don’t remember the exact price, but it wasn’t more than 8 Euros.

I hope the following images inspire my fellow TWA’s to invest in floral crowns this season, they really do add pizzazz to your short Afro.

007008001(2)I bought this rose print maxi skirt in Topshop about three years ago, and now my floral crown has breathed new life into the ways I can wear the skirt, because the 2 floral pieces like, tooooootally match!

What I love about this floral crown in particular, is when I wear it I feel utterly feminine and delicate.  I like my short hair more and more now, but sometimes I miss not being able to do ‘Girly Long Hair’ things like tossing my locks over my shoulder (Beyonce-Style, of course), ruffling my bangs, playing with strands of my hair…But when I wear this headpiece I feel utterly effeminate and strong. Strength because the Floral Halo, says ‘Look At Me, Look At Me’,and brings more attention to my short hair.  This is something I would have felt uncomfortable with about a year ago, when I first cut all my hair off, but I’ve come a long way since then with my Short Afro Confidence…

004 (2)Earrings:Claire’s, Bustier:Asos, Bolero and Gloves: Vintage, Skirt: Oh My Love/Topshop

What accessories will you be buying for your hair this Spring?  Do you own a floral crown? Do tell, I’d love to know!


‘He Got Style…’


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I love a man with great style, don’t you?  I especially adore men who take bold and experimental risks with their attire.  Many a man with a lean and toned physique is likely to look great in blazers/the ‘right fitted denims’/custom made suits and the like, but not many men can pull of the looks you see below.  Brava Gentlemen, you divine sartorial beings!

Jeffrey Williams, Winner of Bravo’s Fashion show in 2009

The self-professed lover of layers, is a fan of rich, luxurious fabrics like silks and furs.  Being an avid collector of gold jewelry, he likes to adorn his long arms and fingers in various molten assortments.  Refusing to settle with the low heels that accompanies men’s shoes, Jeffrey often buys his boots in the women’s department.  After he gets them home, he customises them by cutting them up and painting over them.  In the below images, he cites Kurt Cobain as the inspiration for his Devil May Care, loose and tousled locks.

If you come to Jeffrey’s apartment, you are unlikely to see him looking out of sorts, the New York based designer claims to stomp around his flat in his heels as, ‘To turn the corner and see myself in the mirror looking put together gives me joy,’

he evolution of my personal style  isn’t propelled by the flavor of the month or the newest trend — it’s a slow and beautiful journey. Rich, luxurious fabrics, like furs and silks, will always be a part of my life. I still love to show off my arms, legs, and chest
he evolution of my personal style  isn’t propelled by the flavor of the month or the newest trend — it’s a slow and beautiful journey. Rich, luxurious fabrics, like furs and silks, will always be a part of my life. I still love to show off my arms, legs, and chest

I see these looks and can’t help thinking of Rick James circa Super Freak.

Eric Farr, Designer and Blogger

Utterly inspired by a Tennessee based artist who decided on his 50th birthday that he would wear only kilts for a year; Eric decided to wear only kilts for a year.  In his words he would, ‘take on the streets of London in rain, shine, sleet, snow, in a kilt‘.  Eric’s fascination with kilts began all the way back in High School, when he was mesmerized by a picture he saw of a man dressed in full-blown Highland garb. At the moment Eric is enjoying letting his Kilt Fetish rip at the The Scotland Kilt Company. I am particularly interested in seeing our Eric’s Kilt Journey unfolds, I’m sure you will agree with me that it has gotten of to a great start!

One of the artists that inspires Eric when he reaches out for a kilt is French Fashion’s very own Enfant Terrible, Jean Paul Gaultier who is often seen in a kilt, and is renowned for sending his male models down the runway in dashing and macho kilts.


Louis Philippe De Gagoue, Blogger/Stylist/Personal Shopper

In my opinion, the Morocco-based blogger is living and walking Art and I featured him on my blog about a year ago. His eclectic way of dressing springs from his love of meshing different cultures and civilizations through history.  In his own words, his philosophy is to, ‘break barriers down’ and blend various cultures together in one outfit.  His other inspirations include music, the Pop Art movement, nature, his environment, friends, family and the people he meets.  With this bottomless melting pot at his disposal, it’s no wonder that Louis looks like a moving rainbow ripe with assorted textures.


Also, it comes as no surprise that this Boy Wonder has no fashion icons.  Instead he claims to live in his own universe, with his own rules and points of reference doing his ‘own thing’.  Well, keep at it Louis, you are doing a great job!

And there you have it folks, three men with three different styles that all ooze pizzazz.  Who gets your vote?

Glamorous Nigerian Traditional Outfits


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the Glamour Factor inherent in Nigerian traditional outfits.

Here my lovely sister is, wearing a native-print blouse and fishtail skirt. I love the vibrant colours of this outfit and the Razzle Dazzle sequins details.  When I see this ensemble, I think Chic Tropicana!

004And here she is wearing a gold and cream coloured Iro (wrapper) and Buba (top), topped of with a purple gele (headgear).

042I was browsing through the site of one of my favourite bloggers and adored this fabulous blouse and skirt Preye wore to a wedding.  It just oozes glamour.  I also smiled at the part of her blog post when she mentions instructing her dressmaker to make a ‘simple blouse and skirt’.  Yes ladies, and gentle ladies, this is simple to us; this is just the beginning of the Nigerian Glamour-o-meter!:

nigerian1How well do the colour tones of this ensemble compliment each other?

nigerian2And I love how Preye’s coral jewellery punctuates the outfit to perfection. I do adore corals…

nigerian3What do you guys think of Nigerian traditional outfits in general? If you could get a tailor to create a traditional outfit for you, what would it look like? What colours and embellishment would you use? I’d love to know!

Most Impressive Cover Letter Application I’ve Received


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I received an application from a girl recently that inspired me to write this article.  Before I go on further, I have to stress that my tips are tailored for those who want to assist freelancers in creative jobs.  Reason being, the way you would approach a freelancer for a job differs from how you would approach a company employee for a creative job.  Though in certain areas, you can apply the same tips.

Although, I do far less freelance stylist work now, I still receive applications from people who want to assist; and too many times I see people make the same mistakes like:

1) Clearly sending a 1 fits all application, i.e. you can tell they have been busy with their Copy and Paste button

2) Showing evidence that they have no idea of the niche I work in

3) Using a casual and over-friendly ‘Gossip Girl’ tone

4) Not explaining why they actually want to assist me and how they could benefit from my experience

Consequently, when I read the below application, it was such a breadth of fresh air!  I’ve blocked her name and personal contact details for the usual reasons, but everything else is from her:

Dear Ms. John,

Doing some research on the leading characters of the fashion scene in Berlin, I found your name listed as a Contributing Writer for ΠMagazine. Your commitment to the African fashion industry and your aesthetic really amaze me, specially in a market that is so driven by American/European standards. Moreover, your work as both a stylist and a writer resonate with my own interests, therefore I would like to ask you if you could use the help of an assistant.

I am a 24 year old Chilean, currently living in Berlin and trying to break my way into the fashion industry. I studied journalism for five years in my home country and then moved to Berlin to find a job as a fashion writer, only to realize some time later that it is undoubtedly necessary for me to gain practical experience in the field first. I am interested in assisting a stylist because I know that the job requires a lot of work and there is much help needed.

I don’t know if you live in Berlin, but if you do, I would love to help in whatever way I can. My current situation makes it impossible for me to be available before May, but after that date I should be free to get hands on with some work.

In case you would like to know further details about me, I attach my CV. Also, my phone number is xxxxxxx.

I look forward hearing from you!

Best regards,

As I said, I was really impressed by her covering letter.  The lady showed she had taken the time to research me and had found out what drives me and how I wish to contribute to the fashion industry at large. In addition, she gave me an idea of her back story and how she had come to where she was now, career wise.  After reading her covering letter, I knew I wanted and had to help her.  She reminded me of the covering letters I used to write to assist Way Back When. So I had a Skype meeting with her and in that discussion, told her of a magazine that I wanted to put her forward to assist.  Reason being, there she could get great first-hand experience of writing and styling.  I also got in touch with the editor of the magazine to put in a good word for her.  The girl now has to submit a trial article to the magazine, so the rest is up to her.

Part of my blog is dedicated to giving tips, advice and helping beginners who want to work in the creative industry; so it felt great helping this girl in this way.



Black And White Spring Florals


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The weather took a dip in Berlin, and it looked like Spring was all but a dream, but then I woke up to blues skies today and exhaled a sigh of relief!  It’s amazing just how much the weather can change your mood and perception.

I recently bought this Floral number from the Peekaboo section in Topshop, Oxford Circus: ???????????????????????????????I feel so intensely feminine when I wear this dress.  It’s probably the most Girlie Girl dress I own!  The fabricator and jewellery are my Mama’s: I love to raid her closet!

This dress is the Perfect Dress for curvy or full-figured women as its 50′s sihouette means that it nips in at the waist and then flares out loosely downwards: thus effortlessly covering a multitude of sins!  Consequently, it is best accessorized with a Belt that means BusinessHigh heels would also punctuate the outfit nicely.  I’ve been wearing flats for years now, but I have to be honest when I wear this dress, I feel the need for vertiginous heels!

???????????????????????????????Don’t you feel that certain dresses make you more mindful of the way you stand, sit and walk?  When I wear this dress I want to take notes from Grace Kelly on the Perfect Poise.

097I love a dress, that gives Good Twirl and when I wear this dress I feel like swirling and dancing like Rita Hayworth does at the beginning of this video in that goooorgeous chiffon green number:

Short Afro Heroes Of The Week


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This week the ladies inspiring me to no end are:

We have to start with Lauryn Hill, I truly can’t express how much I miss this version of her. I use to have those Timberlands, aaaah the 90s Swag…:

She was spotted at a recent Berlin fashion party, I wish I had attended so we could have had good hair chats.  This bleached look is tried by so many, but in reality its not for everyone, its sure for her though!

With the dawn of Spring, perhaps you are more open to colouring your hair?


I do love a good ‘Frohawk and Yes Please! to those Fiiiiiiiiiiiierce Earrings!

This image makes me want to slather my body with olive oil, lay under the sun for hours and then dress in some high power electric-coloured outfit, punctuated by fire engine red lippy.  How cute is that Tartan Bow, perfect for a Scottish Spring Fling, non?

Beauty, retro style:

And how about the trousers on this lady, aren’t they fabulous? I love this look very It’s A Different World (90s show) meets… l’ll let you fill in the blanks!

Who is your Short Afro Hero this week?

I’m Featured On The Creative Platform: Berlin 111


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I love being photographed.  I can’t express how much.  It’s not because I think I look particularly stunning in them; I am yet to perfect my ‘Blogger’s Pout’, you know the one I mean!

I just love the dance that happens in front of a camera, sometimes its a funny dance, it can be seductive, awkward… If I was going to wax lyrical this Friday, I would go on to add that I love the way the camera has the power to capture and freeze a moment in time, which you can look back on for years to come.

Last week, I was approached by Berlin 111- a small and growing project that photographs, ‘creative & interesting people in Berlin’, and hosts various music events in the city.  I was told it would not be a ‘big deal’, the images were just for fun and the pictures would be taken on a phone.

Still I dressed to impress and had a lot of fun as you can see:

biki berlinJumpsuit: Topshop, Belt, Bolero, Necklace, Bracelets & Gloves: Vintage, Earrings: Claire’s Accessories, Boots: Aaaargh! Don’t remember!

Click here to see who else has been photographed by Berlin 111.


R.I.P L’Wren Scott


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I was shocked to read earlier this morning that renowned designer, L’Wren Scott was found dead on Monday 17th at 10am in her New York appointment.  According to officials, Scott’s assistant found the designer hanging from a door knob with a scarf around her neck.  For now her death is being treated as a suicide.  She was 49.

If you are not in the fashion industry, you may know Scott more for dating Mick Jagger, but make no mistake about it, she made waves in the fashion industry.

The adopted child of a Mormon family who grew up in Utah, Scott cut a striking figure towering over most of the public at an impressive 6ft 3.  Her height meant that when she started out in the industry as a model, her 42 inch legs led to her booking a series of ‘legs jobs’.  For e.g. she shot a memorable Polly Panty hose commercial with the legend, David Bailey.

After a stint in modelling, the former ‘Luann Bambrough’ worked as a stylist dressing the IT crowd: SJP, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie to name but a few.  This led to her working as a costume designer before setting up her self-titled label in 2006.

A staple on the fashion show scene, Scott’s designs were known for their streamlined  and seductive Old Hollywood silhouettes, super-feminine shapes, nipped-in waists, pencil skirts, high-collared blouses, delicate long-sleeved dresses.  I particularly liked her Razzle Dazzle, Old Hollywood Showgirl Gowns.

L'Wren Scott Collection,

L’Wren Scott Collection,

L'Wren Scott Collection,

L’Wren Scott Collection,

L'Wren Scott Collection,

L’Wren Scott Collection,

That her collections took this direction was no surprise as Scott always professed to be inspired by ‘the silhouette’ and was often seen in severely dramatic cuts and shapes.  In fact, she openly obsessed about her waistline and stated that she dressed for men because, ‘Guys understand the waistline…That floaty shift?  Save it for lunch with your girlfriends…’

Apart from her successful line, Scott also collaborated with some power brands, in 2010, she worked with cosmetics giant Lancôme  to produce a limited edition holiday makeup collection.  In 2013 she designed a capsule collection with global fashion retailer, Banana Republic.

To me, every time I saw her images in the press or read about her, she came across as a unique, successful, formidable and independent woman. It was also clear to see that she knew her body well and how to work it. And so to read that she is dead laced with the apparent nature of her death is both shocking and sad.  My condolences to her family, friends and all who knew her.

Introducing Sara Mathiasson, Berlin’s Avant-Garde Cornrow Hairstylist


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If you know me and followed my blog last year during summer, you will know that I am all about Cornrows.  Let me take you back to some of my favourite cornrow hairstyles from last summer:

There was this style:


Then this:

cornrows3I gave an ode to the old Alicia Keys with this style:


With each hairstyle I was instrumental in instructing where every plait and bead were placed. So now you get it, I love cornrowsAnd now, back to Sara Mathiasson, some of you might be wondering if cornrows can be avant-garde.  Well, the Oxford Dictionary describes avant-garde as:

New and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature’.

And if this hairstyle by the Swedish artist isn’t an ‘experimental’ expression of art, then I don’t know what is:

cr2cr1And like a true artist, she names all her creations, the above is called: Maimuna.

Here are a few of her masterpieces I love, starting with this fabulous makeshift Wedding hat. Can’t you just see Gaga sporting this?




cr5Ma Binta


cr8Wow right?  I would love to see Sara’s work during fashion week on many a top model’s head. After all if Charlie le Mindu became high fashion’s go-to hairstylist for his ‘haute coiffure’ styles, many of which illustrated experimental creations of wigs and hair extensions, so should Sara.


Charle Le Mindu Work,

About Sara

sara1Growing up as a child, Sara’s mother braided her hair and this sparked her fascination in African cornrow hairstyles.  However, it was not until she braided her friend’s hair for fun two years ago and the friend loved it so much that she jokingly pleaded that Sara had to braid ’50 more’ (which inspired the title of her blog, One Girl Fifty Braidings), that Sara began thinking she could convert her passion into a career.

Utterly inspired and motivated, the Berliner decided to hone her craft by getting her training where the technique originated from-Africa.  She attended The Gaye Njorro School of Hairdressing and Beauty Cosmetology in Gambia and after finishing her training; she put it to good use doing a one year internship in Dakar, Senegal.

Sara now works full time at Eveline’s Afro Beauty Salon in Berlin.

To see more of Sara’s work and contact details, go to

All pictures-otherwise stated- are the property of Sara.


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