Caramel&Chocolate Love Concepts: The Initiative Bringing Singles Together In Lagos, Nigeria


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Fueled with an ambition to create a platform dedicated to bringing professional singles together in Lagos, my friend Busola Ogunnaike and her business partner Nkechi Bakare, set up Caramel & Chocolate Love Concepts.


Founders Of Caramel & Chocolate Love Concepts: Busola (Left) and Nkechi (Right).

Starting of their business with a bang, the two ladies were semifinalists in a female entrepreneurs competition led by She Leads Africa(SLA) in 2014. SLA seeks to invest in Africa’s most talented and promising female entrepreneur and hosts an annual flagship program, which is a pitch competition targeted at female-led high growth startups on the continent and diaspora. Sponsors and supporters for the successful start-up company include international and pan-African businesses including GT Bank, Huawei, Etisalat, and Forbes Woman Africa.

Coming from London and Berlin, where dating apps like Tinder and sites like Ok Cupid are de rigueur, I was very keen to find out how a dating business thrives in a city like Lagos, which despite its cosmopolitan nature: is far more traditional and dare I say old-fashioned when it comes to dating. I had so many questions for Busola and luckily I was able to sit her down for a good grilling!

MFSL: What motivated you and your partner to start this dating service company?

Busola: I relocated to Lagos last year and quickly noticed that it’s very hard to meet like-minded Singles in Lagos. This is even more so, if you didn’t grow up in Nigeria, or you’ve spent the bulk of years abroad (which I have). When that’s the case, one tends not to have a network with a pool of eligible men or women you can dip from to date. Also going out socially in Lagos, I noticed more often than not, people stuck in their groups making mingling and getting to know new people that much harder.
Consequently, my partner and I came up with our company, Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts, so we could create a space with an environment that facilitated mingling and interaction between Singles.

MFSL: How did you go about taking your first Singles event from concept to reality?

Busola: Once my partner and I decided we would do the event in February 2014, from doing research we decided to host the event at 355 Lounge as we felt it was  a good match.

MFSL: What was your thought process when inviting people for your first Speed Dating event?

Busola: For that we tapped into our personal contact and targeted our friends we knew were open and adventurous professionals. We told those contacts to invite their contacts. We wanted the first event to be private and exclusive, so we didn’t do mass promotions.


Busola Ogunnaike

MFSL: What were your thoughts on your first Singles Event?
Busola: We had it at 355 Lounge, which is a nice restaurant slash lounge in Victoria Island. It was on a Saturday evening and it drew a very diverse crowd, people from Lebanon, Europe and of course Nigerians, Indians etc. We put our entrance fee above N5000 which got each guest unlimited cocktails (until our tab at the bar ran out) and delicious finger food.
At the start of the event, people were slightly hesitant but as the night drew on they relaxed and got more involved.
About 20 people came to the event and we had a good ratio of men to women. It was actually an ideal number for a cozy event.

MFSL: This year in April 2015, your company hosted the Singles event, Dating In The Dark at Lotus Lounge at Pattaya, Victoria Island. How did that go?

Busola: Well for this year, we wanted to put more of a twist on the typical dating event, so inspired by the Dating In The Dark TV Show, we did a Dating In The Dark event. But for our event, the way it worked was it happened like a Speed Dating event in terms of the set-up, the big difference was each guest was blindfolded, so we were on hand to guide people from seat to seat.

MFSL: What difficulties have you faced so far in running the business?

Busola: A few include deciding on the right time for an event, for example with our very first event, the men came on time but the women didn’t and that wait can dampen the atmosphere/vibe of the event. Trying to convince people to actually come to the event can be challenging as it involves trying to break the stereotype that dating events are ‘desperate’ etc. However, we are working to address this through, developing alternate marketing strategies and creating more awareness.
Also, my partner and I have 9 to 5 jobs, so it can be hard to balance that with Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts.

Nkechi Bakare

Nkechi Bakare

MFSL: Finally, what do you hope for your Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts in the future?

Busola: Right now we are funding ourselves, in the future we hope to partner with brands. We want to be known as an organization that brings Singles together in unique ways. We also hope to not only host events for singles but to provide matchmaking services as well.

Dear Readers, here is your turn to take part in the growth of Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts. I would love to know from you what you think the company should do event-wise to attract their target audience, i.e. Late 20 Somethings to 30 Somethings? Your feedback is essential and a great help to give Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts more of an idea of what their target audience wants in their dating events. So what kind of Dating Games do you think should be played at their events? Which event spaces would you want the dating events to take place? What would you want as a side attraction at their events, i.e. a live performance, comedy routine etc?

Please note feedback is very much welcome from women or men from all over the world.
Like Caramel & Chocolates Love Concepts’ Facebook Page here-

My 13th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup



ifbIFB Bloggers are from all over the world, different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, varying ages and body types, etc.  Your common thread?  Perspective.  You share your perspective on beauty; how you see and feel beauty.  You inspire and give hope to others from your differences and individual perspective.  Yes, I swear I am still talking about fashion.

This weeks links share perspective on dressing over 40, petite fashion, Summer on budget and not on budget, and incorporating heritage fashions while staying true to personal style.  There are also a couple in depth posts reviewing the current ad campaign season, and a look into Ukraine’s fashion industry from the perspective of a designer.  

… and for the sewing savvy {and not so savvy}, a DIY Caftan!

Links à la Mode, July 23

SPONSOR: Shopbop saleNatalie DeayalaSt. RocheGiambaDesigners RemixKooplesAvigail Adamlove & lemonsJelly Flip FlopsKate SpadeJeffrey CampbellBlonde SaladEmily Schuman

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Ask Biki: What Do I Wear To A Summer Music Festival In The UK?


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Hello Biki

I have a few music festivals lined up in the UK this summer and was wondering what you reckon I should wear?




Hi Leeza

Thanks for reaching out.  There’s a lot to love about summer music festivals: watching your favourite bands perform live, spending quality time with friends, making new ones… however, due to all the fashion press music festivals get these days, one has to be careful not to end up looking like a Festival Cliche.

Also, with the unpredictability of UK weather, if you don’t come with the proper attire, your festival time can turn into quite the nightmare.  Below are my recommendations; I’ve also attached pictures so you have an idea on how to style the pieces. 

Have fun at your festivals!


To Keep You Looking Cool And Practical:

Dress: Whether its short, maxi or midi; keep the summer spirit alive with bold prints and ‘Look At Me’ hues.

festival3Shorts: If you’ve got the legs, flaunt them in a pair of summer shorts.  Denim, cotton, corduroy, crochet…ahhh, choices, choices…

Rain Boots: Yes pack your trainers and flip flops, but don’t forget your waterproof boots (e.g. Wellies) ’cause the last thing you’ll want when the heavens open and pour is to be traipsing round the fields in squelchy wet footwear!

Statement T/Crop Top/Vest: Here is a good time to show you’re ‘With The Band’ (well in your dreams anyway).  Try walking on the wild side with Rock n Roll Statement T’s.

Leggings/Tights: Worn on their own or under shorts/dresses etc, these are a good alternative to jeans, and quicker to dry should they get wet under that blasted rain.  Also when the weather drops at night, you’ll be happy you packed’ em.

Oversized Flannel shirt/denim shirt/jumper…: Worn over a T or a vest, tied high at the midriff or low round the waist, these are essential pieces for your Layered Festival Look.

Statement Hair Accessories: Floral crowns, floppy hats, caps, sunglasses…there is so much to play around with here.

Outerwear: Whatever you do, pack a lighweight Mac/parker/biker jacket/army jacket etc to protect you from the elements.  Scarves are also a good idea, as  you can whip them round your neck or fashion stylishly on your head.

The 2013 Glastonbury Festival - Day 1 - Backstage Featuring: Solange Knowles Where: Pilton, United Kingdom When: 28 Jun 2013 Credit:

 Are any of you going to any festivals this summer? If so, where? And even if you are not, what would you love to wear to a summer music festival?

African Designers Exhibit During Berlin Fashion Week S/S 16


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On 9th July, I attended PREMIUM Exhibitions- an international fashion trade show- that takes place twice each year during fashion week in Berlin.  It’s a hell of an event, packed with various designers (fashion and accessories) from all over the world exhibiting their products in individual stalls.

I attended the event because I had been commissioned by Berlin-based, SUPERIOR magazine to interview the African designers who were showing their S/S 16 collections, under the initiative Africa Fashion Day Berlin (AFDB).

The 3 designers showing were: Adama Paris (based in Dakar, Senegal), Gloria Wavumunno (Kampala, Uganda) and Alexandra Tamele (Berlin, Germany).

I had a fun time interviewing the designers, learning about the inspiration behind their individual collections, their different journeys, obstacles faced and so on.

I can’t give too much away because it will all be broken down when the article is out, which I will post here for you Lovelies.

Until then, here are some of the pictures I took at the event.

Designer, Adama Paris and I. Isn’t she so beautiful, she’s been in the business for about 13 years, but doesn’t look a day over 21!  As I interviewed her, I was almost hypnotized by all that radiance…Bitch. Ha!

014In making her highly feminine collection rich in pinks and embellishment: Adama Paris was inspired by a cosmopolitan African woman who enjoyed going out.

020Designer, Gloria Wavumunno.

004Gloria told me that she was inspired by her rural surroundings in Kampala when making her collection. For instance she translated the marshmallow-white clouds into puffy white pieces and used ‘Nature Colours’ like moss green.

019Designer, Alexandra Tamale didn’t make the interview, nevertheless, here is her collection.

018I loved the colours used in her collection and I need her multi-coloured print jacket (featured below) in my life.

005Loving how the lady on the far right piled on her over-sized Ankara print bracelets.

009This lady’s style brought a huge smile to my face…I just love a woman who does a damn good job fusing African prints with a Western aesthetic.

001From the clothes racks, what do you think of the collections by the 3 designers?

Summer Style Inspirations, From Berlin With Love


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I have some pretty stylish friends in Berlin, they don’t follow fashion necessarily, but they each have their own unique way of expressing themselves visually.  I find them pretty inspiring and decided to share their style and beauty looks with you; along the way, I added a few Summer Style Tips: Enjoy!

Prints and Top Knot Bun

For those boiling hot days, why not pile your hair up stylishly in a top knot bun?  Keep things light and breezy with a lightweight long vest.  Loosely fitted ethnic-print trousers like these are timeless and comfortable, just perfect for summer.

044045Old Hollywood Summer Glam

Want to hit the beach looking like an actress from an Old Hollywood movie? Cinch a long kimono at the waist with a skinny belt, slap on some statement red lippy and retro sunglasses.  You’re good to fabulously go.

berlinstyle10White T and Blue Denim Jeans Remixed

Give this classic look a twist by wearing a white vest and jazz it up with statement ’80s-inspired’ jewellery.  If you’ve got summer-white airy shoes like Ms M’s, go for it!

045Black, Dark and Interesting, Part Une

Who says you can’t wear a black maxi for those balmy summer nights? Just keep things interesting with ‘In Your Face’ makeup and a slick hairdo.

berlinstyle2Black, Dark and Interesting, Part Deux

Going all black? Stay noticeable in the crowd, with a few choice Head-Turning Accessories. Ps Do Ignore The Idiot Photo Bomber Behind Her Tryna Eff Up Ma PhotoFlow!!

005Tribal Glam

You didn’t think I wouldn’t include myself did you? Yes, sometimes I do inspire myself! Ha! Here’s my take on how to add some Gla-MOREEE! to tribal-inspired pieces.


055I  bought my Print Crop from a Teeny Bopper store when I was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As I was buying it some Pre-Teens came up to me and said, ‘Hello Ms Biki…’ They were students from the school I work in.  I couldn’t stop laughing…if that’s not proof that I’m Young At Heart, I don’t know what is!! PS the incident also reminded me of the SATC episode where Samantha has to do PR for a Rich Bitch Teen…you know the one where the SATC ladies look at the Rich Bitch Teen Crew and say how they dress and speak like them…That’s the world we live in, but I digress…

Cleavage and Skinny Denim

I love my gay friends in Berlin, that sounds kinda crass but there it is. If you’ve got it, flaunt it as my mate is doing here with a ‘Grrrrr’ low neck vest and tight-ass stonewashed jeans. Head Antlers Optional.

berlinstyle1Who’s That Girl?

Now this is cheating a bit, I don’t actually know this Foxy Thang, she came to a party of mine and is a Friend of a Friend. That kinda counts, doesn’t it? Whatever. I adore her style. And the Summer Equation appears to be, African-inspired print skirt + Fiery Braids + Trainers = Heady Summer Style Mix.

103What I love about these images is none of these friends work in fashion, their style is inspired by culture, music, film, life…Which is your favourite look? Do tell I’d love to know!

Summer Accessory Must-Have: Golden Tribal Goddess Necklace (


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If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I’m all about Affordable Statement Necklaces. I want a necklace that enters the room before I do (so to speak) and packs a visual punch.  This is why I’m incredibly happy about Tessies giving me this fab ‘Look At Me’ necklace from their eye-catching jewellery collection.

003First things first, this necklace retailing at £11.99 is not for The Wallflower type, it’s enriched with lots of detailing, layers, embellishment and for me, that just adds to its distinct charms.

014I chose to dress the necklace down by pairing it with an African batik print dress and for those who like their Casual Daywear tweaked with accessories, this is the perfect necklace for that.  Can’t you just see this necklace looking divine on a simple fitted white vest and skinny jeans? Maybe throw on a beige trench coat for good measure and some stratospheric heels? And with Festival Vibes still thick in the air, and us girlies (secretly)trying to out-do each other in the Style Stakes, this ‘Globetrotter-esque’ piece will set you ahead of the pack.


032039The necklace’s heavy gold detailing also make it ideal for a balmy summer’s evening event: perhaps to a dinner, concert, ball: the options are limitless.

3 Tips When Wearing A Statement Necklace

1) Let the necklace take center stage and play things down with your other accessories.  In these images, as you can see, I’m still wearing a lot of accessories, but none of them are fashioned on a scale as large as my necklace.

2) Pick one strong theme from the Statement Necklace and build on it. So for example, I chose to run with my necklace’s gold theme which resulted in all my accessories having a golden tone to unify the look.

3) Ensure the outfit you wear compliments your statement necklace.  For example, due to the World Traveller Meets Tribal Queen In Blingdom feel of my necklace, I decided to go with an outfit with strong African/Ethnic themes.

020035To peruse more of Tessies goodies, click Here.


Founder Nicola Gibbons originally studied Psychology and upon realising she wanted to work in a creative field, she went on to enroll on a fashion degree.  Upon completing her fashion studies, driven by a passion to work for herself in a creative environment: Nicola set up Tessies in 2009 in Hull’s Newland Avenue.  Fast forward the years and the brand has branched out to include, ‘an ever evolving independently treasure trove of clothing, jewellery and accessories.’

Berlin Fashion Week S/S 16 Party Diary


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Berlin Fashion Week ran from Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July 2015.  I didn’t attend any of the shows but I was all about the parties.  When I moved from London to Berlin, I had to change my expectations drastically when it came to fashion parties.  In London, I got used to attending parties full of fashion professionals and celebrities.  Goodie bags and free drinks were also a given.  In Berlin, due to lack of a ‘Ballers’ Budget’, things happen on a much smaller scale.

Nevertheless, I do still enjoy going to Berlin fashion parties. This week, I had an event every evening.  I didn’t end up going to each one but here are the ones I made it to:


WHO? Founded six years ago by David Kurt Karl Roth as part of his final university thesis; he started the blog due to the lack of ‘good men’s fashion blogs out there’. Two years later after David set up the blog, Carl Jakob Haupt joined in on the mix, and since then the Talented Duo pretty much rule the Berlin fashion scene.

WHEN? Monday, 6th July 2015

WHERE? Surprise Club, Potsdamer Strasse 84

135HIGHLIGHTS? Dandy Diary parties are one of the most, if not the most popular party during Berlin Fashion Week. Both the Guest List and Regular People queues often run from the velvet rope to Calcutta.  My friend and I rocked up about half an hour after the start time, and the lines were already curving round street corners in a snake-like fashion.  But luckily, she had contacts with an initiative called Afro Fashion Week Berlin.  Anyhoo, to make a long story not very long, my mate, I and about 20 people from Afro Fashion Week Berlin were all allowed to saunter in.  I’m telling you, it was probably the first time in history that being black played to our advantage when entering a club!

Other highlights included free drinks for the first hour, the Afro Pop music and the makeshift street party that happened outside the club.  That was actually my best part of the party, dancing in the fresh air on the streets!

134LOWLIGHTS? The venue got too insanely hot for me.  As the Dandy Diary parties are always heavily attended, I’d advise the organisers of the party to choose a much bigger venue in the future.


131That night, I just wanted to have ‘fun with fashion’, hence the clashing of prints and colour. 

Skirt: Peekaboo Vintage, Top: TeenyBopper Shop in Port Harcourt, Belt: Port Harcourt Boutique, Turban: Random London Street Seller.


WHO? Since the launch of Patrick Mohr’s eponymous label in 2009, the Berlin-based designer has become well-known for his unisex fashion collections.  And well, SpongeBob is SpongeBob…

142WHEN? Wednesday, 8th July 2015

WHERE? Prince Charles, Prinzenstrasse 85F

145HIGHLIGHTS? The music and befriending a rather charming barman who gave my friends and I a lot of complimentary shots.

LOWLIGHTS? Ok, so when I heard the ‘SpongeBob’ tag attached to this party, I thought, ‘Hello Budget’, because I assumed Patrick had teamed with Nickelodeon TV (The TV network where SpongeBob lives). Therefore, I was disappointed  to see no free drinks and SpongeBob blow up toys dotted around the venue. Hellooooo, we are adults here, we want SpongeBob Goody Bags at the very least!

150(PS How cool are my friend’s SpongeBob shoes?)


148Yep, I did a total fashion faux-pas- I repeated most of my ensemble from Monday’s Party! I am all about remixing an outfit, and here, I changed my headgear, top and (some!) accessories and Hey Presto- my outfit was rejigged.


WHO? Premium is a mainstay of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and the world’s only fair that presents fashion and lifestyle products of the high-end segment in a large size and quality.

008WHEN? Thursday, 9th July 2015

WHERE? Praegewerk, Judenstrasse 2

HIGHLIGHTS? Free drinks alllll night, Hello Budget!

009LOWLIGHTS? To borrow the description used by a guest that night, the venue was ‘stressful’.  I didn’t care for it, too many winding staircases, too many rooms…majorly overwhelming, especially as it seemed like the whole of Berlin was in there.  However by 1pm things calmed down drastically and I could exhale and enjoy myself.



005By Thursday, I really had to draaag myself to go out.  I was beyond exhausted, so to cheer myself up I adorned my hair with butterflies…

Dress: Asos

Which is your favourite outfit guys?




He Got Style: Michael Jackson (1970s and 80s)


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This week my He Got Style series turns to the Pop Icon that was, is and forever shall be, Michael Jackson.  The visual imprint of MJ’s legendary style will impact and inspire for generations to come.  Looking at MJ from a Style point of view, he led many lives: there was young MJ in the bold and bright velvets, flares, elaborate fedoras, clashing prints and so on.  Then there was 70s and 80s Michael: at this point as he re-identified himself via his music and videos, he showed us what he was sartorially made of. Then there is 90s and beyond Michael, from this point onwards, I would say his style became a lot more ‘costume-orientated': with the help of his longtime costume designers, Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins: I’d describe his style as, ‘Military Meets Bling’. He looked like what the peak of success must look like, larger than life, untouchable…

Though, I can appreciate the amazing craftsmanship of his attires from the 90s onwards, I’m far more inspired by his look in the 70s and 80s. These outfits may have cost far less, but for me they are truly iconic. We all know MJ’s legendary looks: the loafers, rhinestone socks, blinging gloves et al.  I want to focus on other parts of his style. Let’s start with the 70s.

Fresh To Death

Now this is a MJ look, I’d never seen before: how cooote does he look?

mj5Show-Stopping Style

I love to watch 70s Cher and Michael performances.  They complimented each other so well, as both were very firmly placed on the, More Is More side of the road.

mj7Retro King Of Bling

I love his Razzle Dazzle look in his 70s song, ‘Rock With You’ (From the Off The Wall, 1979).  I wonder what his attire was made of?

mj10Now this kind of Retro Bling is far more ‘me’, than his later Military All Out Dazzle ensembles.  Reason being, the former is Funky As Hell, whilst the latter was more theatrical. I also love the way he later matched the sweater’s golden twin sister with an oversized bow tie and white shirt.


mj3Lashings Of Leather

MJ loved a good leather statement jacket, who could blame him?

mj1Black Tie Trailblazer

Can we just focus on how MJ redefined smart/tailored menswear? From artistically tucked in silk kerchiefs, rolling up his jacket sleeves, making a pale pink shirt on a man look like the sexiest thing on earth, to wearing a slim-fitted leather suit…And make no bones about it: he could rock the shit out of a bow tie!

mj4mj8mj970s and 80s Michael is the one I would love to have gone shopping with, watch him try on his clothes, perhaps he would have danced in the changing rooms…70s and 80s MJ is the one I would pay tribute to in a Menswear shoot. Perhaps MJ had a stylist in that time (though he/she would probably not have used that title), whether MJ did or not, what I love about his style then was it didn’t look like he did.  His style was dynamic but yet approachable, inspiring but not intimidating…RIP MJ.

What era of MJ’s style do you love the most?

What Content Do You Want Featured In My Next Fashion TV Show?


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Dearest Readers

The Nigerian TV network, Silverbird TV would like me to host and produce a 2nd Edition of my: Fashion Special With Biki John.  The plan is to film in September during London Fashion Week S/S 16.

This time around I want to involve you-my target audience- in the Development Stages to learn more about what kind of Fashion/Beauty TV you want to watch.  Ideally, what I would love to do is have a Focus Group meeting with an audience that consists of my Blog Followers and the rest of the people I am targeting for this show.  Alas, this is not possible. So instead, with this article I want to focus on a segment of my target audience- you guys!

In order for you to share with me what kind of content you’d like me to feature in the 2nd Edition of the show; it’s important you have some crucial background knowledge, as this will influence the filming ideas you give me.

Background Knowledge

1) For budget reasons, all footage has to be shot in one day, which means 10 hours of filming. So any ideas you give me has to be something that can be shot in one day. Also, all the filming has to take place in London.

2) For budget reasons, it will not be possible to film any live shows or go backstage.  However, should we focus on a designer we will be able to get clips from their fashion show/s.

3) My Target Audience is Early 20 Somethings to Late 30 Somethings.  People who are cosmopolitan, style-conscious and into the Arts. Ratio of Women to Men: 90:10.

4) As the TV show is being aired in Nigeria before being put on YouTube- the primary target audience are Nigerians.  However as London is the focus: the show’s contents will be from a strong international standpoint.

5)The show will be split into 2: Part 1 and 2 and will be 15-20 minutes each maximum.

Bearing those background facts in mind, I would be very grateful if you let me know:

1) What type of fashion content would not only interest you but compel you to Share the footage on your Social Media, with friends etc?

2) What aspect of beauty would you find entertaining and informative to watch. E.g.  a beauty tutorial focusing on which beauty trend or look? (This section will be shot in 3 hours max)

3) When it comes to featuring London’s Street Style- would this interest you? (This section will be shot in 2 hours max)

4) Regarding interviewing a designer or a brand: what kind of brands/designers would you want interviewed? How With this I don’t mean the name of the brand, but rather the market segment of the brand, i.e would you prefer an African brand, luxury brand, high street brand, e-commerce brand… (This section will be shot in 3 hours max)

5) Regarding doing a very short segment of myself- what topic/content would you like me to cover, that is somewhat linked to Fashion Week? (That section will be shot in 1 hour max)

6) Finally, what topic/segment would you like introduced to the show?

These are a lot of questions and I appreciate they do need some thought. Your feedback and comments are greatly valued and appreciated, so I hope you let me know your thoughts on the above. If you need to ask me any questions, please message me in this article’s Message Box.

PS if you haven’t seen the First Edition of my TV show you can watch it here.

Big Thanks In Advance!

Nigerians Do Glamour: Aso-Ebi Series


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My last Aso-Ebi post is still one of my highest read posts, so I’ll be doing a Short Series with the same running theme.  And without further-ado, let the Glamourzans pave the way:

Couture Naija

asoebi3Pretty In Pink

asoebi6Group Glamour


PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

asoebi8Red & Gold

Sweet Velvetine

asoebi14All White

asoebi21See how my ladies just dey shine shine, no be small ting O! Doing research on this series always makes me so happy, the Eye Candy whets my sartorial appetite to no end! I love the attention to detail these Glamourzans put into their ensembles: the shade of eyeshadow, co-ordinated accessories…actually lets pause on the Accessories: how inspired are you by what you see above? I know I am!

So who gets your vote?  It’s a tough one but I am going for Couture Naija: I adore the detailing, the fit, the sculpted top, the bejewelled collar top that trails down her bodice….Just Fab!

Anyhoo, that’s my favourite, how about you? Who is your Aso-Ebi Queen?


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