Nigeria Wins At IFS 2015, Beauty MakeOver & Silverbird TV…


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Yesterday, I coordinated and presented for Silverbird TV’s, London Fashion Week Special.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk due to 10 hours straight of standing, running around, interviewing etc, in fact: by the time my crew left the building, we had spent such a long time there, I felt like I was born at the location!

Here are my highlights from yesterday.


Finding out that the British Fashion Council crowned Nigeria with the Best Curator award at the IFS 2015.  Big congratulations to Curator Yegwa Ukpo (Stranger Concept Store, Lagos) for devising the concept and theme and Whitespace for the execution.  At the moment, when Nigeria is regarded and spoken about, it is often in a negative concept.  Personally speaking, I am either asked about Boko Haram or Ebola. So for Yegwa to turn the latter on its head and using creativity to flip a negative situation into a positive: it was ingenious!

I met Yegwa when I went home last Christmas and when we had a chat, I was blown away by how much he knew about the industry (both Nigerian and Internationally speaking), the creativity that unique kookiness that emnates from his store, his personal style (he loves to wear Yohji Yamamoto)…I could go on!  He is truly inspiring and funny to boot, and I’m so happy he won this acknowledgement for his craft.

– Getting my make up done by the awesome Becks Buki for the TV program.

– By midday of shooting, the Nigerian section turned into quite the impromptu Nigerian Fashion reunion and it was great to meet people from the ‘Old School’, I havn’t seen in years.

– Interviewing all my subjects for the TV Special, they all gave such interesting and varied responses to my questions and I can’t wait for the show to be aired!

– Stopping random people at the exhibition to ask fashion-related questions for the program.

-Filming with Camera Man- Adam Hedelin, it was my first time in front of the camera like this and he made me feel at ease.

– Finally meeting the talented photographer, Ade.  We have been FaceBooking for years and it was great to put a face to the dialogue.

– Realising that: Hey, I really enjoy TV Presenting!

Big Thanks to everyone who made filming possible yesterday for the Silverbird TV, LFW Special: Frank Lamm  (For recommending Adam), Adam Hedelin, Silverbird TV, British Council, Bella (BlancK Magazine), Kendall Robbins (BC), Rukky Ladoja (Grey), Kenneth Ize, Bubu (I Am Isigo), Ade (Photographer), Nibi (Apothecary), Ola and Becks Buki.

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky is wearing a fab jaquard kimono from her own designs.  Did I mention I’m doing her London PR?

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

bikibukibikibuki1bikibuki2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????043What Am I Wearing?: Pendant necklace, rings, earrings (H&M)- if you like In Yer Face costume jewellery, head to H & M: they are KILLING the game.  Kimono Dress (Isi Brown Lagos): one of my fav Nigerian dresses, when I wear it, I feel like a WO!!Man.  It looks all covered up, but don’t be deceived, when you walk or sit, the dress slit parts way to reveal a LOT of leg! Headpiece (random store in Berlin), Shoes (MiuMiu), Leaf Bracelet (random store in Lagos).

London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Party Diary


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I’ll only have time to make it to 2 parties this LFW A/W 2015 season, mainly because I’m totally swamped in preparing for the Silverbird TV Show, LFW Special which I’m Coordintating and Presenting, but more on that later.

I summed up my impressions of both parties in this way because later on in the year, for Berlin Fashion Week, I might be doing a Berlin Fashion Week Party Diary write up for a magazine, so I wanted to give the idea a test run in London.  For the Berlin Fashion Week Party version, I hope to have a photographer who can take venue shots and party shots of guests in attendance.

Let me know what you think of my test run, suggestions, comments, improvements and the like!


WHO? ‘Tirade is an independent fashion and art publication created in the heart of London with the sole aim of challenging the way you discover the landscapes of art, culture, fashion and photography. Perusing a new vision advancing women’s and men’s fashion whilst intertwining different creative mediums’.


WHEN? Thursday, 19th February 2015

WHERE? The Wellington Club, 116A Knightsbridge, London

HIGHLIGHTS? Open Bar from 8pm to 11pm, Hot barman that looked like Ryan Gosling in ‘The Place Beyond The Pines, Kooky sexy and mishmash decor and Turning the toilet area into a mini photo shoot session with my LFW Party Parner In Crime- Eric Farr!

LOWLIGHTS? I wasn’t such a fan of the music: not enough range, never tempted me enough to get on the dance floor and you KNOW I was born on the dance floor, right?

063067 073072


WHO? The magazine’s primary aim is, ‘to provide a unique aesthetic experience for visually aware and fashion conscious people in a print medium distributed worldwide’.

MAGAZINE ISSUE LAUNCHED? Their ‘Saturation’ Issue (No. 8)



FOOD/SNACKS? Proper Corn, Sweet & Salty and Salty.

HIGHLIGHTS? Munching on Proper Corn, Sweet & Salty whilst grooving, the Swiss contribution to the International Fashion Showcase on Display, Great mishmash of Pop, Electro and Hip Hop, it ain’t a fashion par-tay till an 80s Madonna track is played- cue in Like A Virgin that got the crowd revved up, Getting A High Five from a fellow Naturalista as we were both rocking our short Afros, Aaaaawesome Goody Bags and Catching up with Fab Stylist Friend- Marina German.

NOT-SO-HIGHLIGHTS? The long toilet queues but blessedly there was a bar opposite the venue.

MEMORABLE CONVERSATIONS? Dude comes up to me and goes, ‘What’s your favourite song?’, at a loss I flippantly reply, ‘La Isla Bonita by Madonna’, then he points to my Guns N Roses T Shirt and goes, ‘Noooooo, of Guns N Roses!!’  Note To Self: Must get more Band T’s, they seem to be fun conversation starters…

OI!! WHAT’S IN YOUR GOODY BAG? DASH (The Saturisation Issue), Momo’s, Moisturizing Revitalizing Creme, Licx, Mix For Her, Frank, One Scrub Of Tough Love, Laimon Fresh, Sparkling Lemon-Lime & Mint Drink, x2 Quality Streets, Victorinox, Nah-Set, Prettly, 20% Off Voucher, RoccoWonderland.Com Postcard, x2 Teapigs Sachet.

085???????????????????????????????113Read TIRADE here.

Read DASH here.



Nigerian Fashion Comes To London Fashion Week A/W 2015


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Oh yes it has, in the shape of the International Fashion Showcase 2015.  An initiative organised by the British Council and British Fashion Council.  IFS was launched in 2012 as a bid to celebrate London’s position as an international fashion city with a reputation for nurturing emerging talent. For the February edition, 30 countries will take part, with 110 designers from 4 continents.  Aaaaand, Nigeria made it on the list!

More specifically, 5 designers made it on the list- Grey, Kenneth Ize, I AM Isigo, T.I Nathan and Orange Culture.  Ps Grey is one of my new clients!

Anyhoo, I went to the opening party last night and felt a surge of pride as I walked round our concept space.  In the words of the Lagos Fashion Design Week statement put up, the Nigerian exhibition labelled as the ‘Metamorphosis’ is, ‘an experiment in time that admires both the naturally-subtle and wildly- obvious progressions in the trajectory of a designer’s fashion artistry.’

On a side note, I do have to say I was a tad puzzled and disappointed with the turn out- not of the event itself which was heaving- but with the scarcity of press in our section.  Where were the Nigerian/African/Whereever from editors, bloggers, PR’s et al?  I arrived at the event at around 8, the event ended at 9, maybe they all came and left earlier??  Hmmm, didn’t they know it was an Open Bar?!  I’m being flip but on serious note- where were they?  I understand that it can be hard to navigate with hundreds of parties going on all over London B-U-T…

The space was designed by Whitespace (Lagos-based agency), and from looking around at the scientific paraphernalia, Ebola was the theme/foundation that held the exhibition together.

???????????????????????????????009025Some of the pieces shown:

???????????????????????????????005The stylish guests in attendance:


Bubu from I Am Isigo


Bella from Blanck Magazine

Bella from Blanck Magazine

The IFS 2015 runs from 20th to 24th February 2015 and is open to the public.

My Interview With MoveBackToNigeria.Com


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So what is ‘MoveBackToNigeria’, or as they are commonly known, MBTN?  In 2012, MoveBackToNigeria was founded by Adabara Abdullahi and has become the foremost and fastest growing network of Nigerian professionals in the diaspora.  Their objective is to connect Nigerian professionals, businesses and investors with the various opportunities in Nigeria (and the diaspora), ranging from strategic recruitment drives to investor outreach programmes, relocation information, financial advice, real estate and more.

When I was in Lagos last December, I attended one of their networking functions.  The event had been advertised as a means for Nigerians abroad, who were interested in relocating to come together and network.  MBTN had also arranged for guest speakers to attend, which consisted of people who had successfully transitioned into their current jobs in Nigeria, as well as recruiters and an accommodation agency.

But here’s the thing- I know a SpeedDating event when I see one! A bunch of eligible men rounded up in an event who at the very least would have schooled in top schools abroad, thrown in with an MBA for good measure???!!!  That’s the kind of ‘Good On Paper’ credentials Mama likes to read!  So what do I do in the days leading up to the D-Day?  I buy a new dress and book a Make Up session of course, in the words of TuPac, ‘Mama didn’t raise no fool…’!!

Fast forward to the evening of the function, and as I predicted, the initial few seconds weren’t easy: I remember opening the door hesitantly and meeting a sea of unfamiliar faces sat down on various tables all staring at me…but as the night went on, I really had such a good time.  It was great to perfect my networking skills (which is an art form indeed!) and hear about other people’s success stories weaved in with horrific tales, that are typical of Nigeria/Nigerians! For instance, a man regaled us with the incident of how he had his deposit and rent money stolen by his landlord!!

At the end of the night, I was chatting with the CEO & Founder of MBTN and upon hearing my story he asked me whether MBTN could interview me.  I was very surprised and had replied, ‘You do know that I live and work in Nigeria, but I also spend few months in the year working abroad as well. Do I still qualify?’

He replied in the affirmative, and without further ado here is the interview.

Do let me know what you think!

Thanks MBTN, I have come to treat your online resource as an important survival and learning guide, so to be featured and share my experience with others is an honour.



My 10th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup




You Will Be Mine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or HATE it… my experience is that having someone to call a “Valentine” doesn’t really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, you can’t avoid it, even if you tried. So if you can’t beat them, look fabulous and join them. This week has an excellent roundup of style guides and beauty tips! You’ll look so good, I’ll do anything to have you.

Links à la Mode: February 12th

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I Love RB Jewels, Ich Liebe Turquoise and Gold…


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On Wednesday, I had lunch with the lovely Natia Bakhtadze, founder and designer of RB Jewels.

One of the things I love about coming back to Berlin is catching up with my friends in the creative industry.  It’s a nice contrast to the average Nigerian chat, which can be very inspiring, but more often than not- quite predictable.  But that is to be expected, Berlin is more economically set up to chase creative dreams…

Now back to Natia, during our lunch she presented me with the handmade turquoise and gold earrings to match the brush gold link-chain and turquoise necklace I had bought from her previous collection. She gave me the earrings as a gift for doing Public Relations work for her brand.

???????????????????????????????I must say, I did feel rather grown up wearing a pair of earrings and necklace that actually looked like they came as a pair, normally, that is not my style.  I mix it up baby.

???????????????????????????????What I love about turquoise and gold jewellery is that the cool, striking hues pretty much mesh with any colour of outfit you happen to throw on, and by that I mean turquoise and gold either brings out the hue or clashes nicely with it.  Why is that by the way?

There’s also something about the necklace that makes me want to wear it with a maxi floaty dress with a gaping neckline that plunges all the way down to the flaming pits of hell.  And whilst I swish and swash with my voluminous gown and the 3 turquoise pendants swing seductively from side to side, I want LL Cool J’s, ‘Jingling Baby’ to be on repeat…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I will treasure this jewellery set because years from now, when I look at it or wear it, it will remind me of a particular place and time.  Turquoise is also my ‘happy colour’, it lifts my spirits and makes me think its summer time and I’m walking on the scorching white sands of a deserted beach, whilst lyrical turquoise waves curl deliciously around my toes and salty, balmy winds caress my face…which is just as well as I’m currently in Berlin stuck in the icy bitch of winter!

But that is turquoise and gold for you, it makes you dream of sun, glamour, tranquility…

Natia Bakhtadze  from RB Jewels

Natia Bakhtadze from RB Jewels

P.S the hand-woven black and fuchsia pink Jacquard skirt I’m wearing is one of my favourite purchases from my last trip to Nigeria.  It’s from a Lagos-based brand called Grey I’m doing Public Relations for the brand now, as Grey is showing during Feb, London Fashion Week A/W 15.  This is a major coup, but more on that later!

055About RB Jewels

Natia Bakhtadze is the founder and designer of the label, RB Jewels. She originally studied fashion design before setting her sights on making her ‘collectible’ jewel designs. RB Jewels was launched officially in July 2014, during the A/W 14 season. Given her talent and reasonable price points (starting around 22 euros for a pair of earrings and going up to 198 euros for the more complex pieces), the Berlin-based designer is bound to be true gem of a find for retailers beyond the E.U looking to stock new and independent designers.

Contact Natia on her Facebook page.





New Model Advice Tips, Fashion Karma, Finn Juniper Denaro…


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Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2015 ran from Jan 19th to 23rd and I didn’t go to any of the shows.  Not One Daln.  Why?  I had to prioritise and this season my London Fashion Week projects came first.  I am working with two Nigerian clients, with one client, I’m doing PR for the fashion collection they are presenting during London Fashion Week.  With the other, I am co-ordinating and presenting a London Fashion Week TV Special.  So with that and the Marketing Communications work I am still doing for the school in Nigeria….going to the Berlin shows was not an option.

But I’m still all about the Par-Tays mainly for networking reasons and you know I love to dress up, so any excuse! So, fast-forward to my friends and I standing in the drizzling rain and me bumping into a model male friend of mine, who then introduced me to a model friend of his called, Finn Juniper Denaro.  Actually, he introduced us to a whole bunch of his model friends who gave us the standard ‘blank nod and mumble’.  However, one guy jumped in front of the Model Herd and introduced himself properly.  That was Finn.

finnAt the time, I remember thinking he reminded me of a new-born puppy put on skates and shoved on an ice-ring: he was just so excited as he regaled us with stories from his fashion week.  I remember telling him at the time, ‘This must be your first season….’ Turns out I was right, and as we all walked away, my friends and I spoke about how energetic he was, which was a great breadth of fresh air from the usual ‘Too Cool For School (And A Smile!!)’Berliner.

The next day, despite all the work I had to do, my mind took me to Finn: I knew there was a story there.  So I got his details via the friend we have in common and pitched Finn my idea- I told him I wanted to interview him and submit it to magazines.  I also warned him that there were no guarantees.  You know what he said? ‘Let’s do it…I’m excited!’ (New Models, Take Note…)

Finn2DYNFast forward to us having the interview and me having such fun as I was doing it, then came the next day, a Sunday: it wasn’t a day of rest for me, I sat on my bed with my recorder and wrote the article.  Then came Monday and I began the search to find ‘my baby interview’ a home.  I found one- Superior magazine.  The article made their Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2015 Special (Page 70-73)  If you want to have a great insight into Berlin Fashion Week, the designers, backstage…or you just want to have a visual feast of great photography, take a look!

So new models, what tips can you take from this article?:

1) Be Your Own Agent- You never know where and when your next client will turn up.  Always be ready to sell yourself and your work.  If Finn hadn’t told us that night on the streets what he had achieved during Berlin Fashion Week with such gusto, I would never have had the knowledge or interest to push his story.

2) Be Enthusiastic and Professional- this pretty much explains itself.  In the lead up to the interview, Finn was accessible and responded to my messages on time.  On the day of the interview, he was punctual, armed with infectious humour and energy. This is very important.  It’s because of this, I’m referring him to the Berlin-based photographers I know.  I wouldn’t (and no one else would) attach my name to a miserable, unprofessional sod!

3) Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream, Follow Every Rainbow…- Yes, The Sound Of Music does have a place here! What I’m saying is, as a new model/model you are likely to be sent on many castings, get pitched for interviews, editorials, commercials etc- some of them will materialise, majority will disintegrate.  However, you must approach each job like it’s ‘the one’, like it will be a success, like how Finn did when I told him the interview was not a guarantee: he said, ‘Let’s do it,  I’m excited’.  Yes this level of optimism is difficult, this is why modelling and the fashion industry ain’t for everybody.

4) ‘Do You’- You know the saying by Oscar Wilde, ‘Be Yourself:Everyone Else Is Already Taken’?  This couldn’t be more so in the modeling industry.  More and more, the models who are making ‘it’ are the ones who have personality: in the heavenly 80/90s we had The Supermodels who always looked poised and Glamazon-like, now we have Cara D and her many clown faces…anyhoo, to stand apart in the stifling modelling crowd, you need to know who you are and what you are bringing to the table.  Finn knows, in seconds he’ll proudly tell you he’s ‘from the bush’, loves surfing, is passionate about social and political change…He is walking his own path and so far, so good…

finn1RikeAs for the Fashion Karma part, well as much as I always wanted one, I didn’t get a Mentor in the fashion industry.  I had to learn the ropes via stepping and falling head first into many a ‘fashion pothole’.  Through it all, I’ve fought hard not be bitter, to retain the enthusiasm and hope I see/saw in Finn…that’s why I’m happy to answer his questions relating to modeling, I tell him what I know, I’ve started introducing him to the good photographers (with strong industry contacts) I know in Berlin because that is a key ingredient to making ‘it’ as a model.  I wish more people in the industry could be as giving…but as the saying goes, ‘Be The Change You Want To See…’ (Gandhi)

Pic By Me

Pic By Me

Pictures by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, unless otherwise stated.





New Year, New Website: Take A Look


Hello All, I do believe this is the longest time I’ve been away from the blogging world.  Why Oh Why?  For starters, I moved continents, I’m no longer in Nigeria and was in London not too long ago, now I’m in Berlin for a short while.

Work-wise: I’m juggling working on projects for London Fashion Week, it was Berlin Fashion Week last week, I’ve been trying to create my new website with my developer- and that my friends, was quite a killer.  It’s all done now and on a side note, in the spirit of moving on: I’m looking for a new website designer and developer- anyone have any leads from personal experience?  On top of all that and more, I’ve been continuing the marketing communications work I do for the school in Nigeria. And then the cherry on top is having a social life, meeting up with old friends I’ve not seen in months as I was in Nigeria, going to old and familiar haunts etc etc.

But back to the Blog Topic Post at hand- I’m really excited and happy to show you my new website.  The old website I had was doing my nut because it in no way reflected how I’ve rebranded myself, in terms of the services I offer.  Honestly, my new website is still not ‘me’, there is so much more I want to do to make the content more interactive, more visual… But I contacted some website developers and what I really want to do would cost me an arm, leg and other numerous body parts.  So I decided to do some minor but essential revamping of my old site, to make a change, to do s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g; so it wouldn’t be a non-productive case of being unhappy and complaining about a situation, and yet doing nothing to change it apart from making excuses…know what I mean?

This year, I’m going to try and smell the roses along the way by celebrating little victories. So take a whiff of this-

I’d love to know what you all think about it!

PS I haven’t been on my favourite blogs this year, and this weekend, I’m going to start and can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to!

Menswear Trends @ Music Meets Runway, Africa


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Lagos is fast becoming the sartorial melting pot of Nigeria.  Fashion Go-To, definitely thought so when their team flew to Lagos, to interview and shoot the city’s most stylish women.  But here’s the thing, the men in Lagos are doing more than their bit to contribute to the city’s fashion scene.  They too are getting inspired locally as well as internationally.  Increasingly more Nigerian men are eager to fill their wardrobes with traditional wear sewn by their local tailors or don luxury threads by the country’s emerging designers like the Okunoren Twins or Kenneth Ize.  At the same time, this cosmopolitan crew are more than happy to travel to the fashion corners of the world to pick up pieces from international iconic brands like Louis Vuitton and Yohji Yamamoto.

Recently, I attended an event that showcased this eclectic mix of fashion forward gentlemen- Music Meets Runway, Africa (MMR).  MMR is held in Lagos once a year and seeks to promote and celebrate the continent’s finest in music and fashion.

Having been out of the country for a while, I was so impressed by the variety of stylish ways the men chose to express themselves.  I could see that the younger Nigerian generation are taking more risks and being more experimental, which for me can only be a good thing.  And for the ones, that took the more conventional route, I was keen to notice their detailed efforts to not look ‘run-of-the-mill': a quirky bow tie here, a statement haircut there…

I think it’s time I stop writing and just show the goods, right?

Some guests gave it that African Swag



mmr12???????????????????????????????mmr2Others chose to keep it Casual Smart





mmr11mmr8mmr7As with any fashion event, there was Black on Black

mmr10There were those who gave it the full Shebang







mmr4mmr3Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy…

Yes, yes I know this is cheating, but this article is focusing on Menswear, and if this isn’t a fabulous demonstration on how menswear tailoring can work on the female form, then I don’t know what is.  Long Live Cool Androgyny.

???????????????????????????????And what did I wear?  Oh this old thing from my favourite LDN vintage brand, Peekaboo.  Ps the shoes are my Ma’s Red Patent Prada’s.  Now I’m not in Nigeria, I miss raiding her wardrobe, tsigh…



About Music Meets Runway (MMR)

Jennifer Olize, the founder of MMR, set up MMR as a means to support and promote the continent’s talented musicians and fashion designers. This year, on 23rd December 2014 at Eko Hotel & Suites, the runway was set ablaze with top musical acts like Seyi Shay, Patoranking and Wizkid, whilst designers like KikoRomeo, Sunny Rose and KolaKuddus Couture set new design benchmarks.

Now in its third year, MMR is making philanthropic progress though its Music Meets Runway Foundation where a percentage of proceeds raised from tables sold at the event are donated to a chosen charity organization, to encourage and support young students who wish to pursue a creative path.

Read more on MMR here.

Like The Fashion Trends You Saw? Like MMR here.

(Pictures not credited or watermarked were taken by me)

My ‘Lagos Makeover’ @ The Kinky Apothecary Pop Up Salon


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A few weeks ago, I watched this YouTube clip from a Naij Media Big Wig over here, Toke M.  It had me in hysterics, but underneath the humour was a huge dollop of truth. There is a Lagos Look and for the most part, if you want to play with the Big Boys and their Toys,you just have to get jiggy with it.

That’s why when I learnt (via The Kink and I) that The Kinky Apothecary was having a Pop Up Salon at The White Space last week Saturday; where amongst many Beauty Treats, I could get my make up done: I knew I had to book an appointment.

Fast forward to me sitting on my make up chair, heart beating with eager anticipation- I was so excited, FINAALLLY My ‘Lagos Drag Queen(esque)’ Make Over!!

Let me pause here to say that I was extra joyful because moments earlier, I bought a fab Raffia top courtesy of GREY, as they were having a sale at the Pop Up event!  Ps GREY is fast becoming one of my favourite Nigerian fashion brands.  I already bought a jacquard skirt of theirs last week, that I’m saving for New Years.

039Ok, so back to me being on my chair- my make up that day was done by the Sacred Beauty team, specifically, Aremu Kazeem Yayah.


003When he asked me what I wanted, I replied with great gusto that I craved the Big She-Bang, I wanted to look like one of the Bella Naija Wedding Belles.  Subtlety Was Out and In Yer Face was the way to go!  At the end of the day as Toke said, My Eyes Had To Be Speeeeeeaking!!!

005Initially, Areemu wanted to go this route with my lippy, but I wasn’t for it-

015So he changed it to this-

029(Make Up used: MAC Foundation NW47, SACRED Concealer (for contouring and highlighting), SACRED Mineralize Powder, SACRED Eyeshadow Palette (Gold, Purple and Black), MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, SACRED Eyebrow pencil and Red Cherry Eyelashes)

The Make Up cost N7,000 with N1,000 of that for the lashes.

After my make over, I dashed around the space to capture what was going on-

047The lovely Uche from GREY (on the left)wearing a GREY ensemble. I’m loving that Tangerine Orange bag and her footwear.048052I am considering dying my hair but I’m holding back till I’m armed with all the info I need as my hair is super sensitive. The cutie on the right told me she used a random bleach in a hair store in the UK, that was actually meant for Caucasian hair. And luckily her, none of her hair has fallen out! 053I loved the art work and photography I saw-

056The fab Nibi in GREY. Ps my Raffia top is in the same design as the ensemble she is wearing- J’adore!

055059061Needless to say, I had so much fun getting my make up done. I did feel a twinge of discomfort as I don’t normally shovel so much make up on, but that soon melted with all the compliments I received. I must admit, when I looked into the mirror, I did feel very Drag-a-licious and ready to feature on RuPaul’s, Drag Race. Ladies, Start Your Engines!!

???????????????????????????????I had initially planned to have my Big Madame outfit and accessories to match this look, but I ended up running late for my appointment, so grabbed this dress from my Mama’s wardrobe.  I’m all about the colourful beading on the neckline.


???????????????????????????????It’s now time for the gratuitous, self indulgent Selfies!

072075All in all, it was a great concept and event. Being relatively ‘new’ in town, I really enjoyed the experience and it was also my first Pop Up event in Lagos.  I hope to go to more of such, at a similar standard.  Well Done Team!

On a separate note, its 2 days to Christmas- AAAAAHHH!! Where has the time gone?  I wish all of you a joyous Christmas. Hope you have lots of merry moments with your loved ones!







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