Spotlight on NKWO’s, Modernity S/S 16 Collection


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Very recently, as I was perusing through Facebook, a collection showed up on my Feed from Nigerian designer Nkwo Onwuka, founder of her epynomous label: NKWO. With the images came this accompanying text:

‘After 2 years of trying, I finally achieved my goal – a 100% made in Africa collection.
Our new collection MODERNITY SS16 showcased at Lagos Fashion and Design Week…A very modern take on the buba and iro for women and the buba and sokoto for men…’

NKWO MODERNITY COLLECTIONAs I scrolled down to look at each piece from the collection, I was thoroughly taken in by the quirky use of raw materials like wooden pegs, sticks and ropes to create accessories, manipulation of fabrics, cool and light Spring/Summer palette, shapely aesthetic, distressed detailing, the clever use of fashioning the denim pieces into turbans (you KNOW I love a good turban)…I could go on… This collection is a perfect example of how Nigerian designers fuse their heritage and tradition with Western culture to create contemporary and wearable pieces.

Keen to learn more about her collection, I got in touch with Nkwo, and here is what she had to say:

MFSL: What was the inspiration behind your S/S 16, Modernity Collection?

NKWO: I was inspired to do a collection that had a modern take on Africa. Over the years I’ve researched and worked with artisans in Nigeria, many of whom are probably the last in their line of craft. Some of their processes are time-consuming and outdated, as a result, the artisans and their children feel that a more ‘Western” way of life is the best way forward. In my opinion, a lot of handcrafts are being lost as there is a general lack of understanding of just how valuable these traditions are.  I feel that a deeper understanding of these traditions will move us towards innovation and a new way of thinking that is not Western but truly modern and that is what inspired the collection.

MFSL: You mentioned that your collection was a modern take on the Buba and Iro for women and the Buba and Sokoto for men- tell us more about that.

NKWO: The Buba and Iro/Sokoto pronounced “boo-bah and ee-roh/sho-koh-toh” is a classic and traditional style of dress, which consists of a simple wide-sleeved top and wrapper or trousers. It is a long-standing part of traditional West African culture, predominant among the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. My modern interpretation of  this most traditional form of dress worked as a great starting point in the transition from tradition to modernity.

MFSL: What fabrics did you use in your MODERNITY collection?

NKWO: I used denim, organza and aso- oke which is a local West African handwoven textile. There were also decorative panels of hand-made lace and sisal.

NKWO NIGERIAN DESIGNERNKWO NIGERIAN DESIGNERMFSL: I love the use of denim in this collection, I think it’s a very clever and commercial way to make the pieces crossover effortlessly from Nigeria to an international market. Was this your thought process/what motivated you to use denim?

NKWO: As the collection is all about portraying Africa in a modern way,denim was the most modern fabric I could think of using. It was readily available to me here in Nigeria,it reminded me of our traditional indigo and it was perfect for the elements of deconstruction that ran through the collection. From a business point of view, the universal appeal of denim meant that it was a great way for the pieces to cut across global markets.

5. MFSL: What was the biggest challenge you faced making a 100% Made In Africa collection?

NKWO:Thankfully, I didn’t really have much of a challenge this time…I tried to do a 100% Made In Africa collection 2 years ago and learnt a lot of lessons, so I was well prepared. The only thing that went wrong was that the shoes we designed for the collection, got delivered to us a week after the show!!!

 MFSL: Really?! How did you overcome that obstacle?

NKWO: Innovation kicked in…I bought flip-flops from the market, sprayed them white and then tied short wooden pegs on all of them!

NKWOnkwo4MFSL: Ingenious, Brava! When I look at the menswear pieces in your collection, I see it being worn by all the cool, male Street Style Bloggers across the globe. Do you follow street style bloggers/platforms and do they influence your work?

NKWO: Oh wow! My husband will be happy to hear that! He was actually the muse for my menswear…I was inspired by his style.

MFSL: Well I certainly take my hat off to him!  What year did you launch your brand and bring out your first collection?

NKWO: The brand was launched in 2007 and the first collection debuted that year at the prestigious Kulture2Couture, where we won the coveted Phoenix Award presented by the Mayor of London’s office, in conjunction with the V&A museum.

NKWONKWO S/S 16 COLLECTIONMFSL: When you think of your first collection and your most recent- in what way do you think you’ve changed the most both as a designer and business woman?

NKWO: Over the years my confidence as a designer and business woman has strengthened considerably. For my debut collection, I did  printed silk wrap dresses and large feather neckpieces way before anybody else…it was so new and far ahead of it’s time but I didn’t have a strong enough conviction in what I was doing. Same thing applies to the business side of things, listening to too many voices cost me a lot of great opportunities!

MFSL: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

NKWO: There have been far too many to mention but the opportunity to travel to amazing places and meet lots of great people has to rank high up there somewhere :-)

NKWONKWOMFSL: What main piece of advice would you give to aspiring designers?

NKWO: Keep focused and remember that creativity will only get you so far, the business side of things is so important!

MFSL: Where can your pieces be bought?

NKWO: The pieces are still in production at the moment but will be available in stores in West and East Africa, UK, USA and very shortly at our online store.

MFSL: With LFDW, Kampala fashion week and the Mercedes-Benz fashion show in Johannesburg  all taking place recently, all eyes are on Africa. What do you think of the current state of ‘African Fashion’?

NKWO: I would just like us to get to the point where ‘African Fashion” is not defined by print!!!  It seems all too often that the eyes on us only want to see fashion from Africa in a certain way.

MFSL: I concur wholeheartedly! Finally, you must have been very busy recently finishing of this collection, what do you to unwind?

NKWO: Unwind? What is that???
And there we have it Readers, isn’t she fab?! I get so excited about the creative talent we have pouring out of Nigeria…I have to say those navy blue and white striped harem-style trousers worn by the male model are calling out to me, I need them in my life! Now back to you, which is your favourite piece from Nkwo’s Modernity collection?


My Career&Personal Goal Mantra: ‘This November Is My January’


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In a nutshell, as October drew to a close, I decided that I would approach the month of November like it was January, i.e. I’d start working on my Career & Personal Life Goals for 2016.

All in all, towards the end of the year, I find that certain landmark events (like my birthday in December, the end of a year, the start of a new one) open the doors of self-reflection. And honestly, as the years have gone by I’ve not always received what’s standing on the other side of that door with open arms. This year I decided I really wanted to change that. I didn’t want that pressure in December of analyzing 2015, feeling morose about what I hadn’t achieved, drawing up goals for 2016…  This year, in the spirit of one of my all-time favourite Lenny Kravitz’s songs- ‘It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over’- I decided that before the final curtain call for 2015,  I’d use it’s last 2 months to take the steps needed to ensure I felt a sense of accomplishment when the year bowed out.

I’m thinking, if I end 2015 kicking ass, that means I’ll enter 2016 swinging,right?

So how has my thought process actually translated into action?

  • Well take my blog for instance, I want to re-eeeeverything it.  With regards to rejigging the content, I’ve spent the better part of this month doing a lot of research to that effect and making the necessary changes.  I’m also currently working on revamping it aesthetically with my website designer and developer and I recently created a Facebook page for my blog.  I had originally planned to start this project in Jan, with an announcement along the lines of: New Year, New Blog etc but then I realised that me getting a blog that’s more reflective of the Creative I am now and my new career goals has been a long time coming, so it was best to get on that shit, Pronto!
  • In a bid to cement my status as an African Fashion Ambassador next year, I’ve decided to edit both Part 1 and Part 2 of my fashion TV show by mid Dec.  Initially because of my work schedule, I had flirted with the idea of airing Part 1 of my Fashion Special in Dec and then waiting till the New Year before editing Part 2. But now, I’m gunning to get both done and dusted this year.
  • Keen to test the employment waters in Berlin next year, this month I re-jigged my CV and have started researching the companies I’m interested in.
  • It’s not just Work, wErk, Work: I’ve some personal goals too.   During my 20s when I lived in London, I got so immersed in being a fashion stylist and writer, that I slowed down majorly when it came to developing my other skills: cooking, languages, fitness….I’m working on undoing the damage done. For instance, I want to improve my physical stamina and flexibility and to that end, I go for dance or aerobics classes three times a week.

Moving along, don’t you love it when you have an idea or decide on a new course of action and then as you’re surfing the web, you see someone has written an article that liiiiike totally speaks to you?  This is what a happened a few days ago when I stumbled on a fantastic article written by Zahra Barnes titled, ‘How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals By The End Of The Year’. I was already immersed in a philosophical, ‘Wax On Right Hand, Wax Off Left Hand’ state of mind, and feeling decidedly smug about my- Let November Be Your January- mantra and Zahra’s article further strengthened my resolve.  It gives great tips on how to set the wheels in motion to achieve the goals most important to you in a short time frame.  I’ve found it super helpful and come back to it often, because each time I finish reading it, I want to rip my clothes of, bare that S on my chest, pump one arm up to the sky and lift off to the heavens shouting, ‘Lets GO!!!’.  Erm…

And back to you: how are you feeling about the year nearly coming to an end? Will you make any resolutions for 2016? Which one of you will take on November/December like its January?

PssSST, here’s a Teaser Shot from my upcoming TV Fashion Special which I’m currently editing:

Ankara Print Skirt




What Did You Wear To The ‘Seen At Berlin’ App Launch Party?


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On Thursday, 12th November, I attended the ‘Seen At Berlin’ App Launch Party.  In the company’s own words: ‘It’s a place where Berlin’s fashion forwards, style rebels and influencers share and get inspired by real looks from real people.’

I haven’t been in Berlin or dressed up for an Autumn/Winter event for ages, but after what seemed like hours rummaging through my closet, I decided to rely on my go-to colour for those dark and chilly nights: Black.  Black offset by a dash of Razzle Dazzle Accessories, ’tis the season after all innit.


Japonica Topshop Long Black Tunic

Christoph Neumann Photography

Gold Costume Jewellery Earring

Christoph Neumann Photography

Gold and diamante Brooch

Christoph Neumann Photography

That night I faced the conundrum that plagues a lot of bloggers during events: Do I run round frenziedly taking pictures of fabulously dressed people, i.e. work the party? Or do I exhale and actually enjoy the event?  Ladies and GentleLadies, having been out of Berlin for eons, I decided on the latter.  There was an open bar, yummy nibbles, a rump-shakn’ set (courtesy of DJ Reznik) and an array of people who were dressed well and interesting to speak to: I got stuck in!

Every now and again I did have ‘Blogger’s Guilt’…an annoying pesky voice murmuring in my ear, ‘Biki, take more pics, capture the event…’  Do you know how I silenced that voice? With another glass of Moscow Mule.


Christoph Neumann Photography

seenatberlin6The Seen At Berlin App party was one of those events that made me realise how much I’ve missed Berlin: its one-of-a-kind parties in its obscure ‘too cool for school’ locations, hot men, the feeling that anything can (and often will!) happen…I also spotted this beauty who shared my love for wearing All Black with a bit of Peekaboo skin/underwear on display.  Yes, yes my camera is a tad blurry but you can still make out Ms T’s radiant skin right? I also give her major props for how she styled her short Afro.


seenatberlin8Aaaah, 2 black peas in a pod!

Now lets talk about my outfit for a moment: my sheer black sleeveless tunic is from Japonica London, I discovered the label as I was recently doing the rounds in the basement section of Topshop (Large Oxford Circus Branch).  When it comes to statement pieces (especially black) that look great layered or worn individually: this brand is knocking it out of the park at an affordable price people!

Big Thanks to Anne for the invite and photographer Christoph for taking the pics.

If you are interested in seeing how Berliners rock their distinctive ‘Take It Or Fucking Leave It’ style, head to Seen At Berlin’s Facebook page here.

Download their App here.

Tschussi Berlin!

Tips For Wearing All Black Clothes


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‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.  Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious.  But above all black says this-‘I don’t bother you- don’t bother me’.

I love this quote by ‘Black Ambassador’, Yohji Yamamoto.  Some people are daunted by the prospect of wearing All Black, there is the fear that one will look dowdy and/or boring. But I’m here to offer a rebuttal, wearing All Black can be Oh So Fabulous, as long as you have the right ingredients in the mix to make your ensemble rise to the occasion.

066Tip 1: Wear a Look At Me Headpiece, I opted for my rose floral crown.  Claire’s, happens to have a good selection of rose crowns all year round.

In fact, if you’ve got statement accessories, it’s time to put them on display.  Personally, I love gold and silver so you’ll see those metals incorporated in my outfit. For statement accessories on a budget-vintage aside- I’m all about H&M.  Their jewellery design team is on a winning streak!

Rose Floral CrownTip 2: Black won’t be boring if your getup has a mix of textures and fabrics, for instance I’m wearing a black silk blouse and black pleather skirt. Both pieces are vintage.

Tip 3: Play with proportions, I love the dramatic cutout of the sleeves on my blouse…

Midi Black SkirtTip 4: Red stained lips offset an All Black ensemble, helping to give your look the ker-POW! it needs.

075Tip 5- Baring some skin can stop your All Black outfit from appearing too heavy.  I’m wearing a low cut top that shows a slither of stomach, tsigh…any excuse!

078Do you like wearing All Black? What other tips can you think of that make an All Black ensemble the Ish?

Blog Giveaway: African-inspired Accessories & Stationary!


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I’m in Berlin for a New York Minute and to celebrate the launch of my blog’s Facebook Page, I’m doing a Blog Giveaway: WoooHoooo!  What’s up for grabs?  A statement and timeless Ankara print clutch bag, set of bracelets and Ankara print notebook (with lined paper) I got from Lagos.

Ankara Print Clutch

Nigerian Street StyleI could have taken still-life images of the clutch and bracelets but I decided to style them on myself to give my readers an idea of how wearable these pieces are- even for those who are not enjoying a warm climate at the moment.  Due to Ankara print pieces being heavily in vogue during the Spring/Summer season, it’s often seen as a seasonal trend, but this is not the case: with the appropriate styling, these pieces can be worn all year round. Write That Down.

Ankara Print Clutch

Tribal Print CulottesThis Ankara print clutch will be a staple piece in your wardrobe because  prints are never going to go out of style and this handmade graphic print clutch will add a dash of pizzazz to your ensemble.

Ankara Print ClutchAnd for those of you who like to stack your bangles ye high, I’ve got some Army Candy treats for you:

Bohemian BraceletsTo be fully part of the Ankara Print Brigade, you must have the print emblazoned on more than just your accessories, the colourful patterns should adorn your homeware, furniture, stationary…but it’s best to start small and build up.  And to get you started, I’ve thrown in this eye-catching handmade Ankara print notebook with lined paper for good measure!

Ankara Print Notebook

Tribal Print CulottesTo be eligible for my blog giveaway:

  1. Like my Facebook Page here.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you would accessorize the clutch and bracelets with the pieces in your wardrobe from head to toe: the attention is all in the details HoneyBees. From your words I want to conjure a fabulous image rich with colours, textures… The person with the most vivid and creative description of outfit wins!  Pls remember to leave an email address alongside your comment so I can contact you.
  3. Reside in Europe, America or Lagos (Nigeria).

This contest starts on Friday 12th November and closes on Friday 20th November. The lucky winner will be announced on my Facebook Page on Monday, 23rd November.

Feel free to share this giveaway on your social media to get extra brownie points and I’m looking forward to reading your creative responses below, Let The Games Begin!

006Big Thanks to GiuGiu for taking these pics and recommending we use these fab Graffiti Walls for our location!

I Heart Head Wraps and Turbans


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If you follow my blog you know I have a healthy obsession with turbans and head wraps.  Whenever I see a piece of material that takes my fancy, I begin to mentally tie it on my head.

For me head wraps punctuate a look to perfection.  It’s a great way to express yourself, play with proportions et al.

Here are a few of my favourite turban styles from the past.

I love the green and yellow print of this Ankara fabric…

African Turbans, African Headwraps, Erykah Badu Turban InspirationBelieve it or not, I got this floral print fabric from a club, it was their table cloth, erm my club cover and drinks paid for that, right?  I remember that night so well, I kept waiting for one of their staff to tap me on the shoulder during the course of the night but no one ever did.  Like me, I believe they agreed it looked far better on my head than on their table.

Floral Print Headwrap, Floral TurbanThis night, I intertwined two fabrics to get this look…

Turban InspirationI went through a Lame Turban phase, I had a rainbow collection of lame fabrics and because of the texture which allows you to easily mould, twist and turn: this is my favourite shape to play with when I want to experiment with turban shapes.

Lame Turban, Lame Headwrap

Erykah Badu Inspired Turbanheadwrap6Songstress, Erykah Badu was very much my inspiration on these nights…

Erykah Badu,

Erykah Badu Turban Inspiration

Ankara Print Head Wrap

When my YouTube channel is up and running, I’ll definitely do a tutorial showing how I tie these Bad Bwoys on! And yes, yes, the YouTube channel is coming, I’m just working on getting a new blog site first, but more about that later….

Now back to you, which is your favourite of my head wraps?  Would you ever wear one?

It Was A ‘Big Afro + Midi A-Line Ankara Print Skirt’ Kinda Day…


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I may not have been in Berlin for Halloween but I had more fun in Port Harcourt than I had bargained for.  Last Saturday, the school I work in organised a Mamma Mia! Gala party, and yes I chose the theme: I wave my ABBA flag loud and proud.

Anyhoo, in the days leading up the Big Day, everyone was swopping ideas on what to wear, where to go shopping et al; I just Kept Calm.  Gone are the days when I bleed my account dry to buy a bunch of fancy dress items for a fancy dress party that get rave reviews and then are banished to the dark recesses of my closet: I was getting a wig.  A Statement 70s Afro Wig…ABBA reached their peak in the 70s helllooooo…  If you read my recent Halloween article, you’ll remember that I like to get wiggy with it for fancy dress parties…

Midi Ankara Print Skirtafro5Initially when I tried the wig on in the store, the part of me who was slowly but surely letting  the conservative and  low-key Port Harcourt lifestyle get to me murmured worryingly, ‘Biki, are you sure? It is a school party after all, the wig looks too big to me…’, but then luckily the ShowGirl Slash DragQueen part of me bitchslapped that boring part out of me and shouted (with a finger snap): ‘Honey, you better wErk that wig!!’  I took her advice.

afro4I’m wearing one of my latest Ankara print skirts, I got the fabric in a fabric store and sketched the design for my Aunt (who is a wizard on the ol’ sewing machine).  Aaaah, I love those pockets…

For the most part, when I am in Nigeria my Fashion Formula is:

Tee/Top + Waist Cinching Belt + Midi Ankara Print Skirt + Heels = My Everything!

afro1afro2Fashion Tip

-Should you want to show off your waistline and skip drawing attention to your lower half (i.e. hips, thighs and bottom): a midi A- Line shaped skirt should become your NBF (New Best Friend, Helllloooo…)  Paired with a corset-like belt for good measure, not only will this accessory break your outfit fabulously, your waistline will be snatched for the gods, making all eyes linger on your wasp-like waist as opposed to your least favourite areas.

-If you are bottom-heavy, the great thing about an A Line-shaped skirt is that it skims past your ‘trouble areas’ in a flattering 50s Retro-Sexy kinda way.

He Got Style


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This week the boy’s are giving the girls a run for their money in the style department.  Detailed accessories, Sharp Tailoring, Nigerian Traditional Wear, Playing With Print, Balancing Proportions…these boys are taking it all in their stride.


African Dandy Style

Mr Casual Smart Fabulousity

Menswear Blue Coat

Mr Culture Vulture

Menswear Trenchcoat


Fresh Prince Of…

he6Mr Bomb-Ass

Menswear Bomber Jacket

Lil’ Red Cutey

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Attire For Children


This week I’m all about Lil’ Red Cutey and Mr Culture Vulture.  With Lil’ Red Cutey, I love the intricate print on his red Fila (lil’ hat), Buba (Top) and Sokoto (trousers).  As for Mr Culture Vulture, his accessories just scream, ‘I’m back from travelling round the world and look what I got!’: Its eclectic style at its best!

Which look/s get your vote?

Trending Topic: How To Dress For Halloween On A Budget


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Ladies and GentleLadies, Halloween is round the corner, this Sat 31st to be exact.  Consequently, you can’t go past a department store’s window without seeing a Halloween-inspired display.  Click on pretty much any digital fashion & beauty platform and you are inundated with ideas on where to buy Fright-Tastic pieces, Halloween makeup tutorials and the like.  TV channels are also getting into the groove by showing various Halloween themed programs…

I’m gutted because although dressing up is My Thing, I won’t be partaking in any Halloween shenanigans this year. Why?  I’m in Nigeria- Port Harcourt specifically- and from what I’ve observed, no one gives a diggity damn about celebrating things that go bump in the night.

But that’s not going to stop me from adding my 2 cents in the Halloween Mix.  For those of you who love to get creative with their outfits but are strapped for cash this year, the good news is that with a few choice ACCESSORIES, you can whip up an ensemble that wows the crowds.

Tips On How To Dress For Halloween On A Budget

Tip 1: Get a mask.  For those of you who can’t be bothered to dress up for Halloween from head to toe, who are not sure what character to be/don’t want to adhere to a particular party dress code : buy a mask.  Why? It instantly takes your look from outfit to costume, making you look like you made an effort, when you secretly didn’t, Ahaaaaa!!  The good news is that masks start at reasonably low prices and depending on the craftsmanship, go up and up and up.

I often get my masks from my local fancy dress store, I find they are cheaper than buying masks in department stores.

White Feather Angel MaskTip 2: Get a Black Cobweb Cloak.  If you want to look Gothic-Fab, you NEED to buy this.  Pairing a black cobweb cloak with that slinky maxi black dress in your wardrobe would make Morticia Addams, Oh So Proud.  I’ve found that during the Halloween period, department stores tend to stock cobweb cloaks in their Halloween Section.  I’d choose a department store over your local fancy dress store folks, as from experience, the cobweb  cloaks in department stores tend to be better quality and have more of a range.

Halloween Black Cobweb CloakTip 3: Get a Series Of Props.  The next time you’re in your local fancy dress store, buy a paper crown, sceptre and gloves.  Why? Because with these choice cheap n friendly props and a regal-esque outfit to boot, you can be a Queen of the Night, like so:

halloween2Tip 4: Get a Wig. A decent wig will transform your outfit. Fact. I’m putting emphasis on the word ‘decent’ because I ain’t talking about those ghastly Tinsel Neon Wigs. It’s pretty much impossible to look half-decent in those tacky things.  Bygones.

One of my favourite Fancy Dress wigs will always be this Cruella DeVille number:

Cruella DeVille WigSide Tip: As you can see from my first and last image, a white feather bolero goes a long way.  If you love Fancy Dress, get one pronto, there are so many looks that can be fashioned from this garment.  High Street stores like Topshop, tend to sell feather boleros during the Autumn and Winter periods.

Which is your favourite outfit of the lot?  Are you going to any Halloween themed parties this weekend?  What’s your outfit?  As I’ll be stuck at home, twiddling major thumbs, I want to live vicariously through you!



My 14th Feature In ‘The Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup



ifbConfession. I was seduced… by 38 posts this go round. 38! And as seduction would have it, my head was spinning trying to reduce that number to the standard 20. Many of you confessed your own seductions, which ran the gamut. Fall boots, an intriguing invitation, a city, a country, a seductive look of years past… and by Fashion in general.

Trends seducing IFB Bloggers right now are culottes {Never thought seducing and culottes would be in the same sentence, but there you have it}, cropped sweatshirts and sweaters, flannel, burgundy and mustard hues, and saddle bags to name a few.

Other themes of seduction included New York Comic-Con, photography tips, lessons on a couple decades, how to get an internship, history of one of the most seductive shoes, Halloween costuming and… a cocktail. There were also two thought provoking posts on diversity within the fashion and blogging worlds.

Now, just so I’m clear on the subject, where do you think seduction ends and stalking begins? I can only conclude from reviewing A Handful of Stories post that the gloves come off for seduction and stay on for stalking.

Links à la Mode, October 22

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