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The thing I love most about fashion blogging is that it’s rarely only about clothes. It’s about the cultural traditions behind an outfit, using your creativity to create a whole new look, or to discover the real personalities behind style icons. This week’s roundup is enlightening in so many ways. We learned that Nigerian women really know how to do it up for weddings, that two skirts worn together can look very chic, that Anna Wintour is lovely during an interview (and might even tell you your second-hand dress is pretty), how to survive a shopping break… read on for these educational tidbits and so much more!

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Nigerians Do Glamour- Aso-Ebi Style Edition


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So. Ok. If you’d asked me when I lived in London if I enjoyed weddings, I would have replied in the negative. However, now I spend more time in Nigeria, I have to say, I really enjoy weddings.  You see here Nigerians, well Lagosians give you a Wedding ExtravaganzA!  Budget willing, that translates into majorly lavish settings, great range of food, amazing music etc etc AND THE FASHION SHOW OF ALL SHOWS.

It is the latter, I’m focusing on today.  You see, up to this point, every Nigerian wedding I’ve attended, I’ve dressed in Western clothing and felt good with my appearance until I got to the wedding reception.  It’s at that point I’ve felt like how Cinderella felt the night she watched her step-sisters and step-ma go to the ball in their finery as she remained in her dour rags.

So this year I said- No More, its time for Mama to join the Flash Brigade and get her a traditional attire sewn.  That has meant I’ve had to get a crash course lesson in aso-ebi wedding style.  What is aso-ebi? It’s a social culture that originated from South-West Nigeria.  By direct translation, it means ‘Uniform, solidarity outfit of the family’. When this culture began, it was a uniform outfit worn by family members of a celebrant during an occasion.  It was how guests identified themselves.  What began as a symbolic gesture, moved to a symbolic F-A-S-H-I-O-N fiesta.  The fabrics also evolved from the aso-ebi fabric (one of the oldest Nigerian indigenous fabrics) to aso-ebi worn in different fabrics- lace aso-ebi, ankara aso-ebi etc.

Ok, now you’ve been schooled, let’s see what I’m speaking about shall we?  Whilst deciding upon the style, fabric, print etc of the aso-ebi I’ll get sewn, I’ll do these aso-ebi editions, to show you my inspirations and give you a taste of the Glam Factor in Nigerian Wedding Style.

Emerald Green Delight

asoebi24Pastel  Perfection

asoebi18Va Va Voom Print

asoebi20Simply Chic

asoebi1150s Retro Fabulous

asoebi10Embellish Embellishment

asoebi8It’s All In The Back

asoebi5Tangerine and Beige

asoebi4Regal In White

asoebi27Mermaid-style Finery

asoebi21I love how the aso-ebi can be worn in the full blown traditional syle, Gele(head gear) and all and how it can be worn in a more contemporary way, i.e. using a 50s silhouette. I’ll be going for all the bells and whistles with my aso-ebi.  Which is your favourite? Which would you like designed for yourself?  Do tell, I’d love to know!

Images Courtesy of Bella Naija

Seeing Red,’The Younger Man’ Etc


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Last Saturday, I decided to move to my favourite destination, the place I love to dwell from time to time: Denial.  I decided to pretend I wasn’t in Port Harcourt (PH), rather, I was in Lagos and going to the fab launch party of some brand.  Ps every other day in Lagos, a brand has a lavish launch party and more often than not, that label is never heard of again!

Anyhoo, in reality, I met up with my mate for ‘Chapman and Spring rolls’ in the bar of a PH hotel called, Royal Residence.  And as I was living in Denial, I got dressed like I was going for that launch party in Lagos. It felt so goooOOd to do so, having the social life of a gnat out here, and spending Monday to Saturday wearing Modest School Clothes, I really miss dressing up and going out, hanging out with creative people…

If you remember, I stated that Elizabeth Taylor’s 50s silhouette of nipped in waists and flared midi skirts were giving me life at the moment.  Ps I also love the short haircut she had at the time…

Using that as inspiration, I decided to add some African flavour and See Red:

??????????Walking around the hotel, we came by an African store, so with the skirt I was wearing, it was only fitting I take some pictures in front of the store:

????????????????????I want to give a massive hug to every designer who incorporates pockets in their skirts!

??????????I’m a Chapman and Chapman connoisseur, and still on the search for the Perfect Chapman and Spring Rolls, my mate and I hauled ass to the Beer Garden bar.  Fast forward to us chatting and minding our business, to a Male Specimen coming to sit with us in a bewildering attempt to chat me up.  I say bewildering for a number of reasons. Firstly, he would not tell me his age, instead he kept on saying he was ‘Twenty Something’.  Ps my Ma sat me down over Christmas to say, ‘Biki, I think you should now focus on older and divorced men’.  At the time I tried to explain to her that younger men consistently find ways to insert themselves in my life.  I have never EVER gone after them.  And there we are.  I take it as a compliment and testament to the fact that I look like how I feel, as opposed to how old I actually am. But I’ll be smart with my ‘super powers’, we all saw what happened to Demi Moore.  Bygones.

Anyhoo, another puzzling thing to me was the low tone he spoke through out the conversation.  I had to get him to repeat almost every word.  I seem to only have this problem when I’m in Nigeria. Sometime, somewhere some Idiot Male declared that it was sexy to talk in a slurred, supposedly ‘sexy’ tone and sadly since then a lot of Nigerian men have taken his advice.  I mean, the technical supporter from the company the school works with talks to me in this way, sometimes it’s so bad I want to stop him mid-sentence and ask, ‘Erm, ‘Tunde’, what’s up with the bedroom voice, have we f****ed??!!’

Back to The Zygote- he went on to point to my drink and ask what I was drinking, and when I replied I was drinking Chapman (a non-alcoholic yummy beverage), he asks me, ‘So, you don’t drink alcohol?’  Remember what I said in my last article about Nigerian men loving to jump to conclusion??!  Then he went on to compliment and point out everything I was wearing, right down to the piercing in my top ear which is not exactly ‘out there’.  It was kind of flattering, I suppose.  I mean, I’m always surprised when guys approach me in Nigeria whilst I’m sporting my teeny Afro.

All in all, it was a fun day, and it had me wishing that PH was safer as I would have carried on the night, but come back at 7.30pm I did.

??????????Ugh, that Amebo messing up the above picture grates on my nerves, but I guess it’s quite funny… I’ll end this post with a song I’m obsessed with at the moment.  I keep a very low profile in PH and what gets me through is music.  I’ve been catching up on all the African Pop songs I missed when I was away.  This one, Helele is one of my favourites…it makes me laugh and I like the music arrangement.  Ps ‘Helele’ can be interpreted to mean, Hot/Electrifying, Sexy as Hell etc.

Outfit Credits

Top- Flash Factor (boutique in PH) Flash Factor is slowly driving me to the Poor House! Belt- Flash Factor, Skirt-, Bag- Gift, Shoes- Office, Head band- Berlin Random Store, All Jewellery- Flash Factor.

Do any of you own any Fire Hot Red garments in your wardrobe? What are they?  Do tell, I’d love to know!

What’s The Difference Between Lagos and Berlin Guys?



Now I’m dwelling in Port Harcourt Slash ‘The Land That The Good Lord Forgot’, but a few weekends ago I was sitting in a club a male friend had taken me out to.  The table consisted of his friends and I, and they had bought me a cocktail, and when I finished it, I turned round to my friend and asked, ‘What would you like to drink?’.  My male friend shook his head, looked at me and said, ‘Biki, we are not in Berlin anymore’.  I laughed, and ‘got it’- I was now in Lagos, a city where its the norm and almost expected for the woman to have drinks poured on her from every angle, and she need not return the favour.

I know what some of you might be thinking- ‘You may not pay that night but you sure will later!!”  But I remember a night which started of with a good friend and I in a bar, it was pretty empty but we stayed nevertheless.  Next thing, we had a rather odious looking guy usher us to his table which was full of more odious uglies and they were happy to literally drown us in champagne.  We played along and when we had drank our fill, we thanked them and bounced!

Could this ever happen in Berlin ladies?  Having done my share of partying in Berlin for about 7 years and been with many a different Berlin Male Beast, I’d have to say- Hell Naaah!

This and a few small episodes have got me thinking about the differences between Lagos and Berlin dudes.  Bear in mind, the conclusions I’ve come to are based on my personal experiences.  Let’s walk through it shall we?

‘Playing The Dating Game’

In this area, I don’t know who one has to be more wary of- the Berliner or the Lagosian.  One thing I’ve found out is with Lagos Dudes,  a lot of them are all about ‘The Show’ and as a woman, you can’t believe The Hype. For example when dating here, its customary for the guy to drive to your house, pick you up, take you out and drop you at your door at the end of the night.  If you get a good ‘un, for the first few dates he can take you to some places were the bill tallies up pretty high. Awwww, doesn’t that kind of effort mean something?  Erm, in my experience, no it doesn’t.  It’s just part of the Lagos Dating Game and chances are, he’s paying (in both senses of the word!) that kind of attention to a bunch of other ladies.

On the other hand, if a guy was doing any of the above in Berlin, chances are you mean something to him/you are the only one he’s ‘courting’, because Berlin dudes don’t roll with their wallets like that. You see in Berlin the Dating Mantra seems to be, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’.

Let’s Get Physical’

Ok. So. We know that no matter where a guy is from: it’s best not to sleep with him on the first date. But I’d say this rule applies even more so in Lagos.  Why? I was chatting to a girl in Berlin on how she came to be in Berlin- she said she had travelled down from the weekend from Rotterdam or wherever, went to a club, met a guy, effed his brains out all weekend, that progressed to a long distance thing, which led to her moving over.  Will that relationship last? I don’t know but I’ve sure never heard a story like that in Lagos before.  Or am I wrong, perhaps there are many couples stories like that here and people just don’t talk about it.  But I doubt it.

In Berlin sensuality and sexuality is the norm, and to a point, women don’t get judged for that. That’s certainly not the case here, in Lagos to get that wedding ring, it’s best to wire your legs shut and sit pretty.  If you don’t, if you dare show that you are a woman with neeeEEeeeeds, seems to me you are branded with a scarlet ‘A’ on your back. Why do I think this? Maybe its because every other week on Bella Naija (the most popular blog out here), there’s always some article promoting Virginity till Marriage which is often followed by many comments from the public quoting some form of scripture…

Appearances Can Be Deceiving’

But the average Lagos Boy wants to be deceived!!! He can protest till he is blue in the face (which is quite a feat, due to our skin complexion)- hammering on about how he hates the Weave Culture, how we are wearing so much make up that men are taking women home, and not recognizing them the Morning After bla bla bla.  To all that I say, SHHHHHHAARAP!! (Erm, Shut Up): Don’t hate on the Beast you goddamn created.

Men love beautiful women, I don’t have a problem with that. My issue is the level of beauty most Lagos/Nigerian men want you to live up to.  All Day, Every Day.  I said ‘most’ not ‘all’ O!  Why do I think this?  Here’s one of many examples- Last Christmas, I met a new male friend of mine looking like this:

biki11Now this ‘Biki’, received nothing but praise for him.  I then met up with him several Sundays later to hang, and I was wearing a full midi skirt, top, my turban and Shock Horror my TWA could be seen at the top.  Oh! and I had my new purple glasses on. This Biki, got a whole lot of silly (in my opinion) questions thrown her way- ‘Are you wearing glasses for medical reasons?’, ‘Why don’t you wear tighter clothes…?’ ‘Why have I never seen you in jeans…?’ etc.

Did I mention that I’m not dating this fool and it was Sunday?!  How about this- that day included, he had seen me a total of about 4 times- and based on that, felt he could summarize who I was and give me advice. This is another pet-peeve of mine in Nigeria- people/men are only too happy to quickly come to conclusions, lock you in a box and throw away the key.  Now everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but do you know how insulting it is to receive criticism from a dude wearing generic jeans and an Arsenal T??!! Arsenal was playing that day but that’s still no excuse!  I have to add here that I still like this friend, even more so as he introduced me to another male friend of his who I am doing a Group Hang with this weekend…

But back to the ‘tory at hand- I didn’t get insulted by my friend’s slamming because at this age, I’m really like-Whatever, you are not my target audience so… I am an eclectic moody dresser, and so depending on my mood I can serve up 70s Glam, or 80s a la Madonna or African Swag but at the moment I’m really into the retro look- fitted tops, corset belts, midi flared skirts…speaking of which, I recently watched a fab 50s Elizabeth Taylor film called ‘Rhapsody’, where this was pretty much her style.

elizabethBut I digress, its 2015 and I’m in Lagos, where a lot of men seem to prefer this look-

Don’t get me wrong, I like this look on this Pretty Damsel, it’s just not me.  At this point I have to say, that of course there are exceptions to what I’m saying, but like I said, I am coming to conclusions based on my experiences.

Berlin dudes are a totally different kettle of fish, they seem to understand the Theory of Low Maintenance more and as a result so far, I feel the most ‘myself’ style-wise with Berlin dudes.  They don’t give you as much shit when you don’t treat everyday like a Red Carpet event. Ps every other Lagos occasion is stamped with the label, ‘Red Carpet’ (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyhoo, I’m more open to show my imperfections with Berlin guys and they seem more receptive towards it.  I’m sure there are a bunch of shallow ones out there but…

Anyhoo, I could go on, there are several other differences between Lagos and Berlin guys- e.g. Lagos guys are far more driven and accomplished whilst the average Berlin guy is happy to plan his future by tossing a coin and seeing which side it lands, but I’ll stop here for now.

If anyone wants to weigh in, please do!

Oops! My Website Design Makeover- Work In Progress!

Hello everyone-well, this post was supposed to be my- ‘Hey, look at the new design for my header and background!’ post!!

Now its my- ‘Hey, the lovely illustrator, Nadia PR and I worked together to create a new header and background illustration. The header is good to go, but as you can see the background illustration needs a bit more tinkering!!’

If you don’t know- I loooove fashion illustrations, and if I had more time I would do more work to reflect this…when I can,  I enjoy to surf the net looking for new fashion illustrators, seeing the new techniques out there…so I always jump at the opportunity to work with illustrators for my blog when I can.  For this project-I briefed Nadia on what I wanted and from that she came up with these final drawings.  As you can see I was inspired by colour and print…

Look at me writing away- with my new background illustration, CAN YOU EVEN READ WHAT I’M SAYING?!! It’s making my laugh actually, because if I don’t I’ll throw myself on the cold, hard floor and wail…DAMN! Now there’s more work to do in this area and I have no idea if we can pull this of or what has to be done to reduce the size of the background illustrated images, so they don’t obstruct the text but I guess I’ll find out!

During this uncertain time, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on the problem.  What do you think of the header illustration? How should we go about the background illustration?

Here are 2 of the images for you to look at, it may be easier for you to critique them this way: bloggerimage2backgroundheader1Have a good weekend everyone! Bisous

Nigeria Wins At IFS 2015, Beauty MakeOver & Silverbird TV…


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Yesterday, I coordinated and presented for Silverbird TV’s, London Fashion Week Special.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk due to 10 hours straight of standing, running around, interviewing etc, in fact: by the time my crew left the building, we had spent such a long time there, I felt like I was born at the location!

Here are my highlights from yesterday.


Finding out that the British Fashion Council crowned Nigeria with the Best Curator award at the IFS 2015.  Big congratulations to Curator Yegwa Ukpo (Stranger Concept Store, Lagos) for devising the concept and theme and Whitespace for the execution.  At the moment, when Nigeria is regarded and spoken about, it is often in a negative concept.  Personally speaking, I am either asked about Boko Haram or Ebola. So for Yegwa to turn the latter on its head and using creativity to flip a negative situation into a positive: it was ingenious!

I met Yegwa when I went home last Christmas and when we had a chat, I was blown away by how much he knew about the industry (both Nigerian and Internationally speaking), the creativity that unique kookiness that emnates from his store, his personal style (he loves to wear Yohji Yamamoto)…I could go on!  He is truly inspiring and funny to boot, and I’m so happy he won this acknowledgement for his craft.

– Getting my make up done by the awesome Becks Buki for the TV program.

– By midday of shooting, the Nigerian section turned into quite the impromptu Nigerian Fashion reunion and it was great to meet people from the ‘Old School’, I havn’t seen in years.

– Interviewing all my subjects for the TV Special, they all gave such interesting and varied responses to my questions and I can’t wait for the show to be aired!

– Stopping random people at the exhibition to ask fashion-related questions for the program.

-Filming with Camera Man- Adam Hedelin, it was my first time in front of the camera like this and he made me feel at ease.

– Finally meeting the talented photographer, Ade.  We have been FaceBooking for years and it was great to put a face to the dialogue.

– Realising that: Hey, I really enjoy TV Presenting!

Big Thanks to everyone who made filming possible yesterday for the Silverbird TV, LFW Special: Frank Lamm  (For recommending Adam), Adam Hedelin, Silverbird TV, British Council, Bella (BlancK Magazine), Kendall Robbins (BC), Rukky Ladoja (Grey), Kenneth Ize, Bubu (I Am Isigo), Ade (Photographer), Nibi (Apothecary), Ola and Becks Buki.

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky (Grey) and I

Rukky is wearing a fab jaquard kimono from her own designs.  Did I mention I’m doing her London PR?

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

Rukky, Kenneth Ize and Bubu (I Am Isigo)

bikibukibikibuki1bikibuki2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????043What Am I Wearing?: Pendant necklace, rings, earrings (H&M)- if you like In Yer Face costume jewellery, head to H & M: they are KILLING the game.  Kimono Dress (Isi Brown Lagos): one of my fav Nigerian dresses, when I wear it, I feel like a WO!!Man.  It looks all covered up, but don’t be deceived, when you walk or sit, the dress slit parts way to reveal a LOT of leg! Headpiece (random store in Berlin), Shoes (MiuMiu), Leaf Bracelet (random store in Lagos).

London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Party Diary


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I’ll only have time to make it to 2 parties this LFW A/W 2015 season, mainly because I’m totally swamped in preparing for the Silverbird TV Show, LFW Special which I’m Coordintating and Presenting, but more on that later.

I summed up my impressions of both parties in this way because later on in the year, for Berlin Fashion Week, I might be doing a Berlin Fashion Week Party Diary write up for a magazine, so I wanted to give the idea a test run in London.  For the Berlin Fashion Week Party version, I hope to have a photographer who can take venue shots and party shots of guests in attendance.

Let me know what you think of my test run, suggestions, comments, improvements and the like!


WHO? ‘Tirade is an independent fashion and art publication created in the heart of London with the sole aim of challenging the way you discover the landscapes of art, culture, fashion and photography. Perusing a new vision advancing women’s and men’s fashion whilst intertwining different creative mediums’.


WHEN? Thursday, 19th February 2015

WHERE? The Wellington Club, 116A Knightsbridge, London

HIGHLIGHTS? Open Bar from 8pm to 11pm, Hot barman that looked like Ryan Gosling in ‘The Place Beyond The Pines, Kooky sexy and mishmash decor and Turning the toilet area into a mini photo shoot session with my LFW Party Parner In Crime- Eric Farr!

LOWLIGHTS? I wasn’t such a fan of the music: not enough range, never tempted me enough to get on the dance floor and you KNOW I was born on the dance floor, right?

063067 073072


WHO? The magazine’s primary aim is, ‘to provide a unique aesthetic experience for visually aware and fashion conscious people in a print medium distributed worldwide’.

MAGAZINE ISSUE LAUNCHED? Their ‘Saturation’ Issue (No. 8)



FOOD/SNACKS? Proper Corn, Sweet & Salty and Salty.

HIGHLIGHTS? Munching on Proper Corn, Sweet & Salty whilst grooving, the Swiss contribution to the International Fashion Showcase on Display, Great mishmash of Pop, Electro and Hip Hop, it ain’t a fashion par-tay till an 80s Madonna track is played- cue in Like A Virgin that got the crowd revved up, Getting A High Five from a fellow Naturalista as we were both rocking our short Afros, Aaaaawesome Goody Bags and Catching up with Fab Stylist Friend- Marina German.

NOT-SO-HIGHLIGHTS? The long toilet queues but blessedly there was a bar opposite the venue.

MEMORABLE CONVERSATIONS? Dude comes up to me and goes, ‘What’s your favourite song?’, at a loss I flippantly reply, ‘La Isla Bonita by Madonna’, then he points to my Guns N Roses T Shirt and goes, ‘Noooooo, of Guns N Roses!!’  Note To Self: Must get more Band T’s, they seem to be fun conversation starters…

OI!! WHAT’S IN YOUR GOODY BAG? DASH (The Saturisation Issue), Momo’s, Moisturizing Revitalizing Creme, Licx, Mix For Her, Frank, One Scrub Of Tough Love, Laimon Fresh, Sparkling Lemon-Lime & Mint Drink, x2 Quality Streets, Victorinox, Nah-Set, Prettly, 20% Off Voucher, RoccoWonderland.Com Postcard, x2 Teapigs Sachet.

085???????????????????????????????113Read TIRADE here.

Read DASH here.



Nigerian Fashion Comes To London Fashion Week A/W 2015


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Oh yes it has, in the shape of the International Fashion Showcase 2015.  An initiative organised by the British Council and British Fashion Council.  IFS was launched in 2012 as a bid to celebrate London’s position as an international fashion city with a reputation for nurturing emerging talent. For the February edition, 30 countries will take part, with 110 designers from 4 continents.  Aaaaand, Nigeria made it on the list!

More specifically, 5 designers made it on the list- Grey, Kenneth Ize, I AM Isigo, T.I Nathan and Orange Culture.  Ps Grey is one of my new clients!

Anyhoo, I went to the opening party last night and felt a surge of pride as I walked round our concept space.  In the words of the Lagos Fashion Design Week statement put up, the Nigerian exhibition labelled as the ‘Metamorphosis’ is, ‘an experiment in time that admires both the naturally-subtle and wildly- obvious progressions in the trajectory of a designer’s fashion artistry.’

On a side note, I do have to say I was a tad puzzled and disappointed with the turn out- not of the event itself which was heaving- but with the scarcity of press in our section.  Where were the Nigerian/African/Whereever from editors, bloggers, PR’s et al?  I arrived at the event at around 8, the event ended at 9, maybe they all came and left earlier??  Hmmm, didn’t they know it was an Open Bar?!  I’m being flip but on serious note- where were they?  I understand that it can be hard to navigate with hundreds of parties going on all over London B-U-T…

The space was designed by Whitespace (Lagos-based agency), and from looking around at the scientific paraphernalia, Ebola was the theme/foundation that held the exhibition together.

???????????????????????????????009025Some of the pieces shown:

???????????????????????????????005The stylish guests in attendance:


Bubu from I Am Isigo


Bella from Blanck Magazine

Bella from Blanck Magazine

The IFS 2015 runs from 20th to 24th February 2015 and is open to the public.

My Interview With MoveBackToNigeria.Com


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So what is ‘MoveBackToNigeria’, or as they are commonly known, MBTN?  In 2012, MoveBackToNigeria was founded by Adabara Abdullahi and has become the foremost and fastest growing network of Nigerian professionals in the diaspora.  Their objective is to connect Nigerian professionals, businesses and investors with the various opportunities in Nigeria (and the diaspora), ranging from strategic recruitment drives to investor outreach programmes, relocation information, financial advice, real estate and more.

When I was in Lagos last December, I attended one of their networking functions.  The event had been advertised as a means for Nigerians abroad, who were interested in relocating to come together and network.  MBTN had also arranged for guest speakers to attend, which consisted of people who had successfully transitioned into their current jobs in Nigeria, as well as recruiters and an accommodation agency.

But here’s the thing- I know a SpeedDating event when I see one! A bunch of eligible men rounded up in an event who at the very least would have schooled in top schools abroad, thrown in with an MBA for good measure???!!!  That’s the kind of ‘Good On Paper’ credentials Mama likes to read!  So what do I do in the days leading up to the D-Day?  I buy a new dress and book a Make Up session of course, in the words of TuPac, ‘Mama didn’t raise no fool…’!!

Fast forward to the evening of the function, and as I predicted, the initial few seconds weren’t easy: I remember opening the door hesitantly and meeting a sea of unfamiliar faces sat down on various tables all staring at me…but as the night went on, I really had such a good time.  It was great to perfect my networking skills (which is an art form indeed!) and hear about other people’s success stories weaved in with horrific tales, that are typical of Nigeria/Nigerians! For instance, a man regaled us with the incident of how he had his deposit and rent money stolen by his landlord!!

At the end of the night, I was chatting with the CEO & Founder of MBTN and upon hearing my story he asked me whether MBTN could interview me.  I was very surprised and had replied, ‘You do know that I live and work in Nigeria, but I also spend few months in the year working abroad as well. Do I still qualify?’

He replied in the affirmative, and without further ado here is the interview.

Do let me know what you think!

Thanks MBTN, I have come to treat your online resource as an important survival and learning guide, so to be featured and share my experience with others is an honour.



My 10th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup




You Will Be Mine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or HATE it… my experience is that having someone to call a “Valentine” doesn’t really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, you can’t avoid it, even if you tried. So if you can’t beat them, look fabulous and join them. This week has an excellent roundup of style guides and beauty tips! You’ll look so good, I’ll do anything to have you.

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