Fashion illustration is not an art form that I have concerned myself much with in the past, in fact, I only really began to sit up and take note of fashion illustrators when I began writing for Glossy magazine about two years ago.  Reason being, the editor always found different ways to incorporate illustrations into each issue resulting in attention- grabbing front covers and quirky editorial concepts. But even then, I still couldn’t and can’t reel a list of my favourite fashion illustrators like I can with say, my favourite photographers, makeup and hair artists, journalists, designers and the like. 

However, with the setting up of this blog all that is going to change because I need one to design a header for my homepage.  I really don’t like the one I currently have because it’s a model template, which means it’s shared by thousands.  And I hate that.  There is a reason why I am a vintage junkie- I thrive on having one-offs and owning things that are one of a kind.

This is why when I was setting up my website, and I was told by the web designer that there was a Gold, Silver and Bronze standard package, I quickly told him that I would be having the Gold package and there would be nothing standard about it.  I then proceeded to take great pains in making my website as ‘me’ as possible, and in the process making it less like everybody else’s.  It’s still not even close to the way I want it but that’s for another post.

Moving back to the subject of my blog, here are the illustrators (in no particular order) that I would love to collaborate with in customizing my home page-



To see and learn more about Phok’s work, go to www.phoks.fr

Nicole Jarecz


To see and learn more about Nicole’s work, www.njareczillustration.blogspot.com

Hayden Williams

To see and learn more about Hayden’s work, go to www.haydenwilliamsfashionillustrations.blogspot.com

Phok and Nicole’s images are courtesy of Glossy-mag.com

Hayden’s images are courtesy of Hayden Williams