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Blue-eyed beauty, Tatiana Chechtova has featured in reputable magazine editorials like Qvest, GQ Style and I Love You.  She has also worked on a multitude of commercial projects which have included modelling for Vivienne Westwood’s lookbook.  She is represented by M4 Model Management (Germany) and New Madison (France).

Copyright: Anna Burmistrova

I had the pleasure with working with all 5ft 9.5 of her when she worked on the fashion editorial I styled last week.  Having been blown away by her amazing chameleon-like transformations in her projects, I couldn’t resist shoving my rather dated tape recorder in front of her face to ask her a few questions as she got primed for the shoot.

Here is how it went-

My Fashion S/ash Life- How and where, were you discovered as a model?

Tatiana- I was spotted in the small  Russian town, Tambov, where I come from by my neighbour.

My Fashion S/ash Life- How does that work, did s/he one day come knocking on your door asking if you wanted to be a model?

Tatiana- No, my neighbour had been watching me for two years and had been observing how I was growing up…

My Fashion S/ash Life- Erm, is this neighbour a man by any chance? As it’s beginning to sound a bit unsavoury!

Tatiana (laughs)- No she was a woman who happened to be a photographer and she recommended that I go to my local model agency for a casting.  It all took off from there.

My Fashion S/ash Life- What would you say are the best aspects of your job?

Tatiana- I love the process of becoming a different character in each modelling job I do.

My FashionS/ash Life- And what do you like the least?

Tatiana- Having to model in freezing weather.

My Fashion S/ash Life- How would you describe your sense of style?

Tatiana- I’m a seasonal dresser, so in summer I tend to wear brighter clothes, but in autumn/winter, I tend to go for darker pieces.

Copyright: Adam Von Mack

My Fashion S/ash Life- What genre or cultural reference inspires you the most when it comes to your style?

Tatiana- I love Japanese street style and designers like Yohji Yamamoto.

My Fashion S/ash Life- You have done a multitude of editorials, campaigns, look books, shows etc.  How has that affected your sense of style?

Tatiana- A lot.  I come from a small town in Russia and growing up I really didn’t have much taste and I feel that was because of the kind of flashy, overdressed style I was exposed to.  However, since entering the industry I can see that it has given me the confidence to develop my own sense of style which is more casual, relaxed and definitely cooler!

My Fashion S/ash Life- Which is your favourite city to shop in?

Tatiana- Paris, but to live in, I prefer either London or Berlin.

My Fashion S/ash Life- What are your beauty tips?

Tatiana- Lots of sleep- try to get 8 hours at least.  Also avoid coffee, cigarettes and too much alcohol.

My Fashion S/ash Life- What has been your favourite freebie so far?

Tatiana- A Vivienne Westwood jacket which I got for doing her look book.

My Fashion S/ash Life- If you had an unlimited resource of cash, which designers would you spend it on?

Tatiana (laughs)- Well, I’m not sure if I would spend the money on clothes!

My Fashion S/ash Life- That’s a very sensible answer but in this interview you have to!  So imagine someone gives you bucket loads of cash, puts a gun to your head and orders you to shop- which designers would you go for?

Tatiana- Well in that case, Helmut Lang and Ann Demeulemeester.