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To think that last night I almost missed out on the music legend that is Woodkid, because I set my, not one, but two alarm clocks wrongly.  Luckily, my flat mate called me (thus acting as my wake up call) to alert me to the fact that I had 15 minutes to leg it to Festaal Kreuzberg, which was where the concert took place.

I must admit, I arrived the venue rather flustered but was soon put in melodic rapture by the soothing, eerie voice of the charismatic lead singer, Yoanne Lemoine.  Since my recent arrival to Berlin, my outings music-wise have pretty much been a techno, hip-hop, reggae/ragga nightclub affair; so it was refreshing to watch a live performance rich with harmonic symphony.

I wish I had a picture of Yoanne to show you as he was sporting a memorable geek chic attire (punctuated by his trademark cap tipped backwards and red statement frames) but you will have to make do with an amazing track and epic music video from his first EP, titled ‘Iron‘.  It was directed by Yoanne himself (who was a video director before launching into a career as a musician).  The video also stars top model, Agyness Deyn.

What I particularly liked about the tracks Woodkid performed at Festaal Kreuzberg from his first EP and forthcoming second album, were how most of his tracks were laced with a rousing tribal beat.  On a side note, I was particularly taken by his two drummers and got very excited when half-way through the concert, Yoanne began to introduce hs band to the crowd by giving us their names, hotel and hotel room numbers.  Alas, the two drummers were married, so their room numbers were withheld.  Merde.

I will most definitely be buying Woodkid’s first and second album (when it is released) ASAP.