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At the F95 Fashion Store opening party on Thursday 13th October, I couldn’t help but notice the interesting style of some of the men there.  Well, if I’m being honest, I noticed their looks first!  As superficial as it sounds I love it when good looks and style work in perfect harmony, can I get an ‘Amen, Hallelujah!’.

This is how to incorporate classic tailoring into an otherwise casual outfit.  I also like the way he sported his leather gloves as a kerchief.  P.s. doesn’t he remind you a bit of the Marlboro man

When I stopped being hypnotised by this boy’s eerie blue/grey eyes, I was interested to learn that he had his trainers customised by Nike

This gentleman sported an interesting mix of clashing patterns and prints, and he is wearing one of my ultimate menswear pieces: a trenchcoat

 If I’m being honest, it wasn’t this man’s dress sense but his London. Chelsea/King’s road look and demeanour which caught my attention as it reminded me temporarily of home-

A statement accessory like a chunky wool scarf can go a long way-

As illustrated above and below, Berlin boys love their diamond-print jumpers