On Friday 21st October, I made my way to Part 1 of the Husk magazine party which was held at the 129 Gallery, Emer Strasse (Neukolln).  I say Part 1 because the festivities were split into two parts, with Part 2 (the actual part-ay) being held later on at the Backyard, Gitschiner Strasse 22.

I decided on this ensemble for the evening-

I was particularly looking forward to this party as Husk were celebrating the release of their Vol II, No III Fall/Winter 2011 issue, which had my latest written editorial within its fashion/artsy pages.

Part 1 of the party was a rather tame affair and didn’t have the best of starts.  Reason being, I took a wrong turn, got lost and arrived very flustered to a rather (deserving) tepid welcome from my partner in crime, who had been waiting for me for a good 40 minutes.  Things didn’t improve when I was told that the only free drink on offer was beer.  I hate beer.  The next disappointment was the crowd which I felt had a rather uninspiring ‘Fresher’s week at University’ vibe.

In the gallery,guests had the option of gazing at a few paintings, flicking and buying the Husk mags which were on display, or buying a Husk cotton bag (for 5 euros (!!) )-

Those who wanted to be mentally stimulated could take in the profound words on the gallery’s door-

I managed to find some people to take pictures of-

I was impressed by one of the Husk editors’-Philipp Humm‘Gareth Pugh-ish get-up’

The beginning of Part 2 of the Husk party had a rather shaky start as well.  Upon arriving at Backyard, we were told to wait outside as things were being sorted out inside.  With the feel of the sun on your back, this is a rational request, but when icy winds keep bitch-slapping your cheeks- the order seems irrational and cruel.

After waiting for hours (it seemed), we were ushered in groups of four, as requested by the ‘irrational and cruel’ bouncer.  Once inside, my partner and I realised that in our haste to get to the party at 11pm, so we wouldn’t miss the open bar which was from 11pm to midnight- we forgot that in Berlin things don’t get heated up till much later.  So for a good while (it seemed), we sat down in an empty room and I began to despair when my partner in crime desperately turned towards me and said, ‘Tell me a joke!’.

Suddenly, (it seemed) the party did a 360; open bar hour began, ‘cool people’ not resembling ‘Uni Fresher’s’ stomped in, the DJ began to play great pumping beats and I was in fashion heaven!

This Femme Fatale, was for me, the most stunning girl at the party-I just couldn’t take my eyes of her.  So far in Berlin from what I’ve seen, women have a very low-key attitude to dressing up and the ‘I just got out of bed, put this on and dashed out’ look reigns.  However, that’s not really my style, and it’s always a relief to see women in Berlin who love to dress with pizzazz-

You little poser-

I love a boy who gives good Turban

This boy has winter accessorizing down to a fabulous T-

No Berlin party is complete without a display of ink lovin’

My partner in crime oozing casual, layered style

I liked the Old Hollywood look of the girl on the right-

And finally, the highlight of the party for me was meeting the below ‘too cute for words’ boys.  I’d love to style them in a menswear fashion shoot-