Yesterday evening was particularly exciting for me as for the very first time, I was approached by a company and asked my blogging fees as the company would like me to blog for their site.  This request couldn’t have come at a better time as whilst revising for my PR and Marketing and Consumer behaviour modules (for my CIM diploma), I can’t help but notice that a lot of emphasis is being put on Digital and Social Media.  Furthermore, if super brands like Burberry, GAP and Estée Lauder, are anything to go by- its the way forward.  So I’m more than happy to blog for as many brands as possible- only thing is I haven’t actually sat down to figure out my rates yet.

After reading the request from the company, I went to my fairy godmother-Google– to see what she had to say about the matter, but after typing ‘How do I set  my writing rates?‘ I was inundated with mostly irrelevant information.  Reason being, whilst there is a lot of information on how to set writing rates for traditional media– newspapers, magazines and the like, there isn’t much information about how to set rates for new media, e.g. blogging and web content.

There are so many questions I have for e.g.- is it better to charge by the hour, per word or per project?  With the current financial climate and with so many bloggers at the ready, what is a good rate to charge?  For now, I’ve decided to get the wheels turning by asking the few freelance writers/bloggers I know what and how much they charge and hopefully I will be able to work from there.  This may seem obvious, but as a freelancer it’s always a good idea to use various social media tools like Facebook and Linkedin, to connect with people in your field- at times like these, they can really come in handy.