Recently, I haven’t been keeping up with Hollywood, upcoming film releases, red carpet moments and the like.  I use to keep tabs on who the Hollywood ‘It’ kids were and now I have absolutely no idea because the Dakota Fanning’s, ‘Patticakes’ and Carey Mulligan’s of Young Hollywood don’t pull me in like the 80’s Bratpack did (Yes, Rob Lowe I mean you) or the early 90’s Young Hollywood did (emphasis on Leonardo DiCaprio).

However, when it comes to Hollywood I still have a soft spot for certain actors and actresses who I feel ‘I grew up with’.  This is why I am looking forward to watching Michelle William’s upcoming portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, in the British drama, ‘My week with Marilyn’.  I have a soft spot for the actress as in my early teens I was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan (thanks to Joshua Jackson) and through the years it has been interesting for me to watch how both her personal style and films have evolved.  As corny as it sounds, I really feel that she has blossomed both as a woman and an actress.

One only has to look at her striking transformation on the red carpet from an unsure 17 year old in 1998-

Courtesy of Marieclaire.com

To a woman confident enough to outshine Heath Ledger (no easy feat) on the red carpet by wearing a bold canary yellow Vera Wang gown to the 78th Academy Awards in 2006.  Up till now, this still remains one of my favourite looks I have ever seen at any red carpet event-

I also love the ‘Mia Farrow’ pixie look she is currently sporting.  Earlier this year at the New York premier of ‘My week with Marilyn’, Michelle was the epitome of minimal chic when she wore the below mint green Christian Dior gownNormally, I like my evening dresses with a side of statement jewellery and a dollop of razzle dazzle accessories.  However, Michelle has that beautiful, frail ‘Audrey Hepburn quality’ where she still looks striking totally void of all that jazz-

Courtesy of Stylemtv.com

I am so happy that she is playing the lead role in a movie that is about a Hollywood icon, that happens to be my favourite Hollywood actress of all time.  In her own words Michelle hasn’t ‘been working in a particularly flashy or visible way’, and if you weren’t looking for them, ‘you would miss the movies’ that she’s made that she’s proud of.  Well all that is about to change, you’ve come a long way Jen Lindley.