A few weeks ago, I blogged about the fact that I was looking for a fashion illustrator to add some much needed pizzazz to my blog’s custom header.  The great news is I’ve FINALLY found one!  I plan to give more information about who I got on a later post.  However, before I found her my search inspired me to write this post which I thought I should post anyway as this Berlin fashion illustrator’s work was made to be seen.

Her name is Sabine Pieper, and she is a Berlin-based, freelance illustrator whose breath-taking, striking illustrations now has her making regular features in Elle UK.

 And I shall leave you with one of my favourites, I don’t ‘do animals’ but my heart can’t help but thaw a wee bit when I look at this-
All images are owned by Sabine Pieper.
To see more of her work-and you must– go to, www.sabinepieper.com