On Friday, 18th November 2011 I went to the OE magazine 2nd issue launch party which was held at Voo Store, Kreuzberg.  As most of you know who’ve been reading my blog, I was very excited about attending this event as I had styled an editorial in the issue.  I was also looking forward to wearing my Anita/West Side Story meets Like A Prayer (Madonna) dress.

I had a really great time at the party, Voo store has a great space and as I had gone to the event on my own, this made me put my networking hat on and I met lots of interesting people.  Furthermore, I was surprised and pleased to hear the commercial R & B toooones the DJ played, which made me feel further at ease and put an extra bounce in my step.

The following gems caught my eye at the event

It was great to have the essence of Freddie Mercury in the room courtesy of the extremely talented stylist, Herald Erath

I loved the gold embellishment detailing on stylist, Dario Cuci’s (www.dariocuci.com/blog) trousers-

I love a good mish-mash of print, textures and colour-

The DJ who ‘saved my life’-

And I was none too pleased to have his beats put to a halt by the alarming, warbling sounds that emanated from these ladies-

Ladies, a simple fashion equation: Leopard Print + Coral Red= HOT.

And now ladies and gentleladies, the moment you’ve all been waiting for- THE EYE CANDY FOR THE NIGHT

The model below is called Ugar Tuzlali and his racy editorial in the OE 2nd issue makes it a sin for him to ever wear clothes, especially when they cover up the statement tattoos that adorn his very toned, impressive body.  He was also very sweet to talk to which is a rare combination.  And of course he has a girlfriend.  In Australia.  Does that count?  Bygones.

Fashion-wise, there are two things that makes me a sucker when it comes to menswear- trench coats and beanies. Regarding the latter, I don’t know what it is but whatever it is, even Johnny Depp knows their super powers as he is rarely seen without one.

This guy looked like he walked straight out of a Bollywood musical set, where plays a good-looking spoilt prince who….ok I’ll stop…

And what did I wear? I settled on my red lace prom dress and added red lace gloves, red corset belt and a rose crown for good measure.  I will never be the most beautiful or slimmest girl in the room but I will command attention when I Sashay Shante through that door