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What I love about styling is that it allows me to indulge in my personal inspirations and pay tribute to artists who have played a major role in my life.  One such artist goes by the short and iconic name of- Madonna.  I should elaborate on that and stress- the 80’s Madonna.  Although I have keenly watched her many transformations and evolving dance styles- there was a particular care-free, natural charm she had in her fashion and dance style in the 80s which I feel is unbeatable and irreplaceable.

Case in point, compare her ‘True Blue’ 80’s album cover, where all you see is her head flung back in cool rapture with her ‘Hard Candy’ noughties album where she is pimped out in gold rings, boxer belts, fetish boots and various other bells and whistles-

 Not long ago I had a chance to do a Madonna-inspired 80’s shoot, and it was a lot of fun to do.  Here are some of the images from the shoot-
Anyone who saw Madonna in the Eighties ‘screwball comedy’/just so darn awful it was good’, ‘Who’s that Girl’, will know why I love the hair and makeup of this shoot:

The ‘Madonna’ vest is mine and I got if from H & M.  All the crosses the model is wearing are mine as well, which I collected from various London markets.

I adored the mis-match style of this combination, the sky tye-dye leggings are from American Apparel.  The white lace gloves are mine.

How cute is that royal blue, ruffle-tiered, ra-ra skirt?

Those amazing gold leather trousers are from one of my favourite designers, Kristian Aadnevik.

Front cover Madonna pictures courtesy of Fanfire.com and Stylefrizz.com