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Since my move to Berlin, I’ve done much more writing than I’ve done styling, and for now I’m going with ‘The Writer’s Flow’, because one of its perks is I get to communicate and write about some very interesting artists indeed.  The latest artist to come under my radar goes by the name of Jeremy Shaw

Now before I got to know anything about Jeremy, where he was from, his type of work and so on, the first thing I saw was his face and as I’m having Menswear Anxiety Attacks (MAA) due to lack of not doing menswear styling for a while, I was conflicted with the two opposing ways I visualized him.  On the one hand, his peaches and cream complexion mixed with his seemingly ‘innoncent’ boyish good looks made me think of a classic British character from an Enid Blyton, children’s novel- Julian from Famous Five if you will.  And as a result, I saw myself styling him in countryside boyish garb which would include a barbour, wellies, a newsboy cap, tweed shorts and a battered old leather 70’s satchel for good measure.  But then on the other hand, his aura of suave sophistication made me picture him in a classic Hollywood movie, starring opposite an über-stylish character played by Frank Sinatra or Marlon Brando; where he would be decked in impeccable menswear tailoring.

Courtesy of Attitude Magazine

After my stylish musings and research, I later found out that Jeremy moved to Berlin in the Autumn of 2007, and hailed from Vancouver, Canada.  And in his own words which are lifted (partially) from his artist’s statement- ‘his work explores altered states and the cultural and scientific practices that aspire to, or attempt to map, transcendental experience’.  By using various forms of media including documentary film and music video, Jeremy ‘investigates an alchemical grey area between scientific and populist representation of the profound, where the validity of each is considered with equal measure’.

Courtesy of Shivashabani.com

His conceptual ‘kitsch meets science’ work aside, what I found really interesting about Jeremy was learning the various reasons why he chose to come to live in Berlin, as I found his views on the city very similar to mine.  He explained to me that what brought him to Berlin was its,  ‘perfect mix of big city amenities and benefits, without the financial anxiety of a big city’.  He also added that the city allows him the ‘time, space, and lack of financial anxieties to be inspired and come to his inspirations’

From now on when people ask me why I chose to move to Berlin (and I get asked this question frequently), I will Copy and Paste these statements from Jeremy and forward it on to them.

Courtesy of Bedroomdisco.de

As I’m still learning my way around, and trying to find out Berlin’s Secret Treat’s, I was interested to learn that his ‘favourite restaurant in the whole city’ was Little Otik and that he frequented Liquidrom.  With all the hunching I’ve been doing bashing away on my laptop these past months, I will definitely be treating myself to a massage there over the festive season.

As everyone knows in the industry, timing is everything, so I was very pleased (and unreasonably smug) to learn that Jeremy was recently selected by none other than Michael Stipe (R.E.M) to take part in Dazed & Confused’s 20th Anniversary December issue.  For this, Rankin, the magazine’s co-founder, shot a spectacular representation of pop culture heroes, both past and future.  The special edition features 20 iconic cover stars from Dazed’s past, not to mention, some of my favourite artists like Gael Garcia Bernal, Damon Albarn, Pharrell Williams and Milla Jovovich .  Each unique cover has a gatefold pull out, which features 20 rising stars as chosen by each celebrity.

Anyway, back to me- now I can say I’ve interviewed a Dazed and Confused’s cover star, it would be more accurate to say, ‘A Gatefold pull out’ cover star, but the latter is too much of a mouthful and lacks the former’s pizzazz.

Courtesy of Dazeddigtial.com

You can watch the Dazed TV clip that features both Michael Stipe and Jeremy Shaw here- http://www.dazedtv.com/20-covers—michael-stipe-x-jeremy-shaw/641/page/1

On a side not I couldn’t help but smirk when I saw Pharrell’s prodigy happened to be a beautiful, ripe-looking songstress that goes by the name Maxine Ashley–  go ahead, Pharrell as Tupac said, ‘I aint mad atcha’.

Finally in the words of Travis (played by Breckin Meyers to Stoner Perfection in Clueless), I’d like to thank Jeremy ‘for taking a chance on an unknown kid’; I emailed him about my project completely out of the blue, and he was extremely helpful and punctual in ensuring I got all the information I needed for writing my piece about him, which will be featured in a publication that will be released in January 2012

I’ll blog the magazine’s details closer to the time of the article being published, so you all know how and where you can access the article.

To see more of Jeremy’s work, his CV et all, please go to- www.jeremyshaw.net