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I am so excited that OE Magazine’s issue 2 is out and the reason for my excitement is that the German independent, bi-annual fashion magazine features the first fashion story I styled in Berlin (in the über cool Kreutzberg area).  With the plethora of print magazines that can be sourced today, OE stands out from the crowd by not describing current trends and ideas in fashion, but showcasing fashion by purely focusing on images. With a focus on Berlin, its 10 page editorials show what is currently keeping fashion designers, photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists inspired.

For this shoot I used sought after designers in Berlin like Augustin Teboul, Marcel Ostertag, Kilian Kerner, Sabrina Dehoff and Boessert/Schorn.

I enjoyed every minute of my Berlin shoot, however some of my favourite pictures didn’t get to make the final editorial layout or as Grace Coddington lovingly and dramatically puts it in The September Issue, some images were ‘killed’.  I also took some pictures myself which ofcourse had no chance of being published, however Lady Luck is in my favour because due to the powers of New Media I am able to resurrect these images and show them to you.


Courtesy of Bikijohn.com

Courtesy of Biki John

 Courtesy of Bikijohn.com
Courtesy of Bikijohn.com
 Which is your favourite shot in my, ‘Same Shoot, Different Story’ editorial?  I would love to know!
I will be uploading the published OE printed images onto my website soon, so stay tuned…

Team Credits-

Photographer- Lars Borges

Stylist- Biki John

Model- Tatiana (M4 Models)

Hair and make-up- Servullo Mendez (Nude Agency)

Photographer’s Assistant- Tintin Jonsson

Stylist’s Assistant- Anne Stoevhase

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are credited to Lars Borges.