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Now I don’t claim to be an expert in this subject, but this Christmas is the first one I will be spending without any family members (both immediate and extended).  As we all know Christmas is a time for family, so when I tell people of my decidedly non-family plans, my announcement is met with pitying looks followed by, ‘Oh, how sad’, I’ve even had some close friends in London and Athens sweetly invite me to their respective homes to avoid the Christmas blues.  However, despite all this, in Berlin I will stay and away from my family and closest friends I’ll be.

To keep my spirits merry et al, here are some things I will be doing-

1. Going to Christmas markets

J’adore Christmas markets, seeing Christmas related gifts on display, the decidedly Christmas aroma that lingers in the air and my pièce de résistance the mulled wine.  Yesterday I went to the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt in Neukölln and even the sharp barking of some of the vendors who ordered me not to take pictures of their stalls couldn’t rain on my parade.

My favourite spotting that day!


2. Playing childhood Christmas albums

At the moment Boney M’s Christmas album is on repeat, well their version of ‘Drummer Boy’ is and when I have it on, even though it brings up strong memories of many lovely Christmas’s spent in Lagos, I am not filled with sadness, instead from somewhere I get a buzz that allows me to bop like a maniac in my room.

3. Just Dancing (and not because Lady Gaga told me so)

Speaking of dancing, this is my go-to hobby which always makes me happy.  However not all of you put on your dancing shoes when you are feeling blue, so my advice if you are spending Christmas without family is to do more of the hobbies you love.

4. Spending time with my friends

‘I’ll be there for you…‘The Rembrandts sang with gusto, as corny as the theme of this song may be, if you are spending Christmas without family or a partner, the power of a good friendship is what will see you through.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet some great people in Berlin and plan to move in with them on Christmas Eve.

5. Looking ‘Fresh to Fresh’ (Translation, ‘Look fabulous from head to toe)

Personally, when life throws me lemons, I make the effort to put on something fabulous whilst I’m making that lemonade and this Christmas period is no exception.  And I don’t mean that you should buy an entire outfit, sometimes its the little things that count- a pair of lace hold ups there, a full body massage there…

This cherry-red number will brighten up my spirits on Christmas day/night

These are my tips so far and they are far from being exclusive, so I’d love to hear other tips from you on how to brave a Christmas on your ownsome!