On Wednesday, January 4th, I went to the Jonas film premier.  I was very excited about preparing an ensemble for this shindig as it was my very first premier extravaganz-A.

When I heard the words, ‘film premier party’, my very first thought was how I would sashay down the red carpet.  I knew I wouldn’t be on the press’s radar, but that didn’t stop me from fantasising about being papped.

Although I had never been to a film premier and after-party before, deciding what to wear was pretty simple; because I wanted to stand out, most of my ensemble would be vintage. 

My advice to anyone who is going for a red carpet event and wants to look unique (without breaking the bank) would be to hit High Street shops like Topshop and Accessorize.  And to compliment these pieces or if you want to have a glamorous edge, head to markets like Portobello which are bursting with affordable one of a kind pieces. 

For the night, I settled on this outfit-

My Red Carpet look is made up of a mixture of High Street and Vintage pieces.

The black maxi skirt and earrings are from Topshop.

The grey head tie with diamante embellishment is from Dorothy Perkins.

The black lace body, black lace gloves, belt and gilet are from Portobello market.

Lastly, getting ready for me is an event in itself as I have to get in the mood,  I take my ritual even more seriously now as due to the cool, laid back and casual look that reigns in Berlin, I am more or less always the most over- dressed person in the room.  So clips from films rich with pizzazz and attitude like, ‘To Wong Foo’ get me in the mood, J’adore the opening clip (and not just for the pleasure of seeing Patrick Swayze looking decidedly undressed as he comes out of the shower) and ‘Body Beautiful’ track from this movie-