If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good surprise and I also relish in killing two birds off with one stone.  Not so long ago I was invited (well I tagged along really) to a dinner party, and although I was hoping to enjoy good food and the company of a new group of people, one thing I was not expecting was to walk into a mini art exhibition.

However, it was a great visual treat to see the colourful, emotive paintings that decorated the flat.  I later learnt that the talent behind them was David Roosenberg, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Masstricht.

Dāwūd Roosenberg

Here are some of the paintings I took pictures of in the flat that evening-

 Being a huge fan of colour and shapes, I really liked this painting


Ahhh, more delightful colour, I would love a silk kimono with this detailing


Now don’t you agree with me that it is a crime that David has not yet got the opportunity to exhibit his work?

All that is going to change, it’s 2012 and ‘good things will come to talented artists who wait’, or who quite frankly, have waited too long!  Over the weekend, I was pleased to learn from David that he is looking into how to exhibit his work in Berlin,  and until that fine day happens, I will be featuring his work sporadically on my blog.