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J’adore statement necklace chains, and after discovering a fantastic choice of assorted metal chains at the back of a haberdashery shop in Notting Hill; I realised that with a selection of safety pins, I could customise these chains to my heart’s content.

I bought these selection of chains ions ago, and I frequently use them to either adorn my neck or the necks of my models for particular fashion shoots.  Price-wise, this tends to depend on how heavy the chain is, but prices can start as low as £2 for a meter.

Safety pins will allow you to adjust the chains to various lengths giving you an interesting layered effect, should you choose to wear a selection of chains.

I did a fashion shoot recently where I mixed designer statement necklaces with my own.  In the image below, the gold statement necklace is by Sabrina Dehoff and it was one of my favourite accessory pieces from the shoot.

On a side note, I absolutely love the pieces in this outfit and if asked to choose my favourite it would be hard to decide, as I love the ‘Pimp Mack Daddy’ effect of the olive-green leather coat with its ‘Oh So Fly’ oversized gold buttons (Sava Nald), but then the cut-out black leggings with their neon shapes have a very attractive East London edge (Clarissa Labin) and then we have the statement oversized sunglasses courtesy of Mykito…ahhh choices…