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Last night there was a Berlin Fashion Week Opening party at HBC put together by projektGALERIE, to celebrate the start of Berlin Fashion Week A/W 12.

I wore this ensemble-

As I’ve said many times on my blog, when it comes to dressing, Berlin has a ‘casual and laid back’ vibe, and that’s all well and good but sometimes, and especially during Fashion Week- I despair over this.  Why?  Because I love to look at people and feel inspired, and it’s hard for me to turn cartwheels when I see non-descript Grandma jumpers paired with equally non-descript jeans.  I have to add here that I don’t need to see club kids and Lady Gaga minions to feel inspired; I can turn giddy when I see something as little as a strategically placed antique brooch.

At the beginning of the HBC party, looking around the room, I did begin to panic but as time went on, I was able to find a few people who did catch my eye.  In my quest for style, I even took a little walk around the streets that surrounded HBC to see if I would find some stylish beings wandering around- and as the saying goes: Seek and you shall Find-

Black jumpsuits seemed to be a popular choice that evening as the image above and below illustrate.  I particularly loved the embellishment on the lady’s black velvet jumpsuit below-

And just look at this twosome of cuteness.  P.s I never get tired of seeing Mickey Mouse T’s

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone but this dude is wearing his mama’s jacket, and might I add is carrying if of S-wonderfully!

I do love a good tweed coat

This lady shows how to work a pair of statement tights, I would so loved to have seen her in coral-red stilettos instead, tsigh-

She gets an A for effort-

I took this picture purely based on the fact that I thought the guy on the left was kinda hot-

I exhaled in vintage rapture when I saw this beauty-

And how dare this cutey-cute try to out-do me in the ‘Hair Statement’ department-

I saved the pièce de résistance for last, my favourite find of the night is this gentleman below and here are my reasons why.  First we will start of with the fact that for a while, I was trying to determine whether he was male or female and I love ‘is it a he/she’ connundrums.  Secondly (and I blame Matrix for this), I love a boy in a coat that can billow behind him as he strides confidently going about his business.

Not only was he wearing a great coat, when he took it off, he revealed a fantastic oriental brocade jacket which I just adored.  Upon seeing the statement jacket, I asked him whether he worked in fashion and he replied that he didn’t.  So I give him extra kudos for his confidence and style- Bravo!