Yes people, sometimes I fall down a vortex and enter a state of mind where I am consumed with the deliciously superficial and inane.

So without further ado, here are the men during Berlin Fashion Week A/W 12, who did what the band, Berlin crooned- that is, They Took My Breadth Away; because when looks and style collide, My Oh Me Oh My…

If all men (especially the straight ones) could ensure their clothes fit like this and use simple, statement accessories as illustrated by this gentleman below, the world would be a much a happier place-

I wonder if the guy on the left acts like he looks, that is like the The Perfect Gentlemen

I love, love the way he infused different shades of brown into his ensemble-

I imagined him with longer hair and saw True Bloods’s, Eric Northman

I want this scarf people, and I’d probably wear it as a turban-