Yes, this post is rather late but better late than ever, eh?  If you read my blog regularly, you will be used to me lamenting about the fact that I don’t see the women dressing with enough pizzazz.  Well, when I went to the A/W 12 shows it was great to see some women leave the casual, laid back vibe well alone.

Like I’ve said before I don’t need to see Lady Gaga minions, as the pictures below illustrate, sometimes it can be all in the detailinga bowler hat there, a quirky head tie there, a splashing of bold colour, a dash of embellishment…

Love the pimp daddy style of the lady above, and as for the couple below anyone who is a fan of the 90’s masterpiece, Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy knows what I mean when I say, ‘Cwwwordinate!

Star light bright First Star I see tonight-

I don’t really  have girl crushes, but I always enter a slight trance when I see the lady below who frequents a lot of the fashion events I go to in Berlin.  One of these days, I’ll have the guts to go up and speak to her.  She reminds me of a modern-day Audrey Hepburn and I adore her look-

 And what did I wear? Oh this old thing that got listed by BLN magazine as the, ‘Most Interesting Outfit’ during Berlin Fashion Week, click here to see-

Which is your favourite look people?