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From the moment I saw Lukas Ziegele, I knew I wanted to style the eighteen year old beauty in a fashion shoot- his unruly hair so full of character, big expressive brown eyes and full, perfectly shaped lips were all created to be captured by a camera.

I also wanted to work with Lukas as I hadn’t styled a menswear shoot in a while and I was having major withdrawal symptoms, as I adore menswear.  So I came up with the idea of styling Lukas, and I intend to use the images to show model agents as well as fashion magazines (so the latter can hopefully commission us to do a shoot for them).

I wanted to do something simple and preppy-esque; most of the clothes and accessories are from Lukas’s very stylish wardrobe.  I decided to take the pictures myself, so apologies for any imperfections you come across.

What I hope this story shows is Lukas’s immense potential as a model– he was a great model to work with and considering this was his first fashion shoot- he moved with such grace and fell with great ease into many positions without instructions; which is what separates a model from a great model.


I haven’t given this story a title yet, so if any of you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you!