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When growing up, I did so with the gnawing fear that the old adage of, ‘Children grow up to become their parents’ would turn out to be true.  I was particularly worried because at the time, I did not want my fashion style to turn out to be like that of my mother’s.

Fast forward a few chunky years later and I’ve come to realise that in many ways (when it comes to fashion at least!), children do grow up to emulate their parents, or in my case- my mother.

I should state here that my mother’s style is very classic and those who know me or have seen me, know that my style is Most Definitely Not.  However, through the years I have managed to borrow some of my mother’s stylish characteristics and put a modern twist on them, to make them my own.

One of the things I love about my mother’s style is her love of colour and her willingness to experiment with eye-catching hues and prints.  Blood-Red and Sugar-Pink anyone?

In the above picture, my Ma was off to a wedding and is wearing the traditional Nigerian attire; Buba (Blouse), Iro (Wrapper) and Gele (Headgear).

I also love my Ma’s attention to detail when it comes to jewellery

Now whilst you won’t be seeing me in an Iro and Buba anytime soon, I’ve absorbed my mother’s love for colour and statement jewellery, and illustrate this in a much quirkier fashion like so-

Multi-Coloured Button Jewellery, anyone?

Are there any stylish traits you’ve borrowed from your mother?  I’d love to  know!