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Now I live in Berlin, I’ve begun to focus my attention on finding the places that sell vintage pieces to decorate my room, as opposed to my body.  In my pursuit, I have been rather lazy and I am still yet to do a vintage shop cruise in Berlin.  This is why I was particularly happy when I stumbled across the fantastic retro shop that is Ratz Batz (Danziger Strasse 132) which is just down my road.

Not only am I a  keen fan of vintage accessories, I love to find stylish,  affordable retro decor to store them in. Ratz Batz sells vintage paintings, clothes, accessories, various homewares, mirrors, rugs and plenty more; and since discovering the shop I have managed to dig up these beauties-

This minature wooden chest is by far my favourite find as I love the wood work-


This cute, multi-coloured weave basket was made to cocoon my lace gloves!

Now can you believe I got the above three decor pieces for 10 eurs- BARGAIN!

Last week I went to Ratz Batz to take some pictures, which was no easy feat as the place is a delicious clutter- I say delicous, because all vintage connoisseur’s know that half of the pleasure in finding what you want in a vintage shop is digging through the chaff to get to the wheat.  I find the process, dare I say it- therapeutic!


I want that painting of the child laying down with the lil’ lamb-

If you are ever in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, I strongly advise you to pop into Ratz Batz for a stylish, affordable treat!