I am super happy to tell you all that this week fab fashion and beauty Zine, Drop of Pink awarded my blog as, ‘Beauty Blog of the Week’, you can see the post here-


I’d like to thank all my readers for making this possible, it’s a very exciting for me and my blog, well I should really say, my baby; I see my blog as my baby now.  Eerie but true.  And I am hemorrhaging with ideas on just how to make it grow.  In fact right now, I am heralding what I like to call a Blog Crusade.  What that entails, I cannot tell you but one of the many things I really want to do is to gain more interaction from my readers and yes, very sooner than soon, competitions and prizes will be involved!

In fact I was talking to a friend about this who said something that really made me think, when I told him that I would like more comments, he goes to me, ‘Well Biki, when I read your posts, I do want to comment but often, I find your posts so- finished.’  I actually understood what he meant and will be taken action to rectify it.  How?  Aaaaaah, you wait and see!