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I am currently working on a styling project and I am particularly excited about it because I have a lot of freedom in deciding the team I work with and the concept of the shoot.  Admittedly, the concept is still a work in process but so far I know that I will be focusing on the ‘Glamorous African Woman of Today’.

A concept like this can go so many ways and at the moment I am looking through hundreds of relevant images and selecting the ones that best fit my growing vision.  It was in my search that I came across the effortless style of Solange Knowles.  If you had told me six to seven years ago that Solange Knowles would ever form part of my Mood Board for any shoot, I would have slipped into Cockney slang and gone, ‘You’re having an effin’ laff mate’.

However, the below recent pictures show that she has made Eclectic Chic an artform by effortlessly weaving contemporary African pieces into modern womenswear.  What I love about her style is she is able to show ‘Afrocentric’ style in varying degrees- she can turn it up to the highest by mixing and matching colourful African batik pieces.  But she can also turn it down by wearing a simple elegant piece like a white silk Grecian-inspired dress and punctuating the look with a statement Afro.

Either way, through her make-up, hair, clothing or accessories choices-there is always an aura of eclectic glamour around her and that is what I want to portray in my shoot.

Look 1

Couresy of Africabatik.wordpress.com

Look 2

Courtesy of Berry-haute.blogspot.com

Look 3

Courtesy of Freetobepunk.blogspot.com

Look 4

Courtesy of Africanbatik.wordpress.com

Look 5

Courtesy of Necolebitchie.com

Look 6

Courtesy of Iamflashdance.blogspot.com

Look 7

Courtesy of Iamflashdance.blogspot.com

Look 8

Courtesy of Iamflashdance.wordpress.com

Look 9

Courtesy of Glamourmagazine.com

Look 10

Courtesy of Cocoandcreme.com

Which are your favourite looks of Solange?  Also who else do you think portrays the glamorous African woman of today?  She doesn’t have to work in the entertainment industry, she can be a friend, relative, work colleague…