A few days ago when the founder of Lots Of Style magazine contacted me to say the magazine wanted to do a feature article on me that would showcase my work, I was delighted.  However when I was informed that a short write-up would accompany the article, I was a bit worried.  This is because, as I hadn’t given the magazine any guidance as to how to describe my work, vision et al; I was doubtful as to whether they would portray me accurately.

However, I am happy to report that my fears were completely unfounded and I was very pleased and surprised to read the review the magazine gave of my work, because without my assistance, they were able to recognise and explain my vision and what drives me when it comes to fashion styling.

I’d like to thank Dana, from LOS magazine for this great review, it is feedback like this that gives me the drive and strength to continue doing what I love.

And without further ado, here is the LOS article-