It is my strong belief that African female kids get introduced to style and glamour earlier than the average kid, and a part of me thinks that this has something to do with the fact that as babies, we literally get our ears pierced the same time we get our umbilical cord chopped of.  

As many an African female child grows up, she learns how to sit down patiently while her hair is plaited in micro braids and adorned with jingle-jangle beads, she also tends not to bat an eyelid as head wraps are placed on her head and tied in an elaborate fashion and she gets accustomed to wearing bold jewellery, colour and print.  This is what I loved about growing up in Nigeria and personally why I feel that in my adult years- no colour is to bold, no print is ‘too much’ and the more statement the jewllery, the better.

I have selected some images that I feel particularly inspired by-

Look 1

This beautiful girl carries her Afro puff and Dashiki blouse effortlessly-

Courtesy of Its80sbaby.blogspot.com

Look 2

I adore how this little lady’s lipstick matches her gele to perfection-

Courtesy of Nairaland.com

Look 3

Courtesy of Dashinfashion.blogspot.com

Look 4

How cute is this baby pink Yoruba traditional attire?

Courtesy of Ashoke.com

Look 5

This Fulani girl’s braided hairstyle really takes me back, I miss being able to wear colourful, playful beads like this.  Having said that, I do this hairstyle from time to time but I wear my plaits longer and I use small gold hair accessories.

Courtesy of Stockarchie.photoshelter.com

Look 6

And I saved the best for last-

Courtesy of Umkhontowesizwe.wordpress.com

Which is your favourite look?  Also, what childhood outfits do you have fond memories of?