…actually, as two ladies got the same amount of votes, it is more accurate to say-the winners of the Ms Yanga competition are: Naila and Sharon

Naila (left) and Sharon (right)

Ladies, you will be getting your prizes in a New York Fashionable Minute.

Thank you so much to the contestants who submitted their lovely pictures and the voters who made this post my most successful, comments-wise.

Also I would love to see some new faces (and bodies!) for this competition, so if anyone wants to enter this competition, please email your full length picture and clothes credits to bikijohn@yahoo.co.uk. 

I don’t care if you are young or advanced, fashion-forward or Grace Kelly classic, fashionably slim or sexily Rubenesque, black, pink or whatnot; I just want to see ladies rocking their hair, beauty and/or style looks.

The next Ms Yanga pictures will be up on April 20th.