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Last week, I went to the Factory Art Berlin to see the 2012 Project, ‘Not Only’ exhibition.

I was given a press release before I attended the event, which I must confess I did not read.  Maybe I should have as after circulating the exhibition two times or more, I came to the shameful conclusion that although I could appreciate the craftsmanship and imagination that went into what I saw, I really didn’t understand most of it.

But there was one piece I did understand, the Barbie and Ken photographs below which were created by photographer, Diana Goldstein.  At the exhibition, one of the exhibitors came up to me and asked me the dreaded (to me!) question- so what do you think of what you saw?  And I truthfully replied that the only thing I understood were the Barbie and Ken images.  At this he laughed and said something along the lines of ‘You are girl, you like pink’; to which I negated stating that coming from a fashion editorial background, there was more for me to understand and appreciate like the message, the set, the styling details (like Ken in stilettos!) etc.

Everyone knows Barbie and Ken, for whatever reason and for good or bad, they are names/brands deeply rooted in Pop Culture.  I’ve never cared much for either being a Cindy girl myself, but I’ve always thought that Ken was a bit of a….erm, how do I say this with the right amount of political correctness- a raving poofter, more likely to be seen in the passionate, oily embrace of ‘Fabio’ than Barbie.  So I loved seeing him in these stilettos-

Also we or I, grew up seeing Barbie in commercial press looking very ‘put together’ so it was great to see this 90’s ‘The Face meets ID’ shot of her on the toilet with her knickers down-

I do love those pink glitter stilettos, that’s what I want to have dressing my feet when I go to Oz-

And just one more time for effect, aaah Ken, you preppy Slut!!!-