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My sister went for a wedding in Trinidad recently, and when she told me she had gone to a Nigerian wedding, I urged and begged her to send me the pictures of her in her traditional attire. I have never worn an iro (blouse) and buba (wrapper) myself, but I do love seeing how other people carry it of.

When my sister sent me the picture, I ooohed and aaahed over it for several seconds-

I haven’t attended a Nigerian traditional wedding for a while and I have missed seeing ladies dressed in colourful ensembles like this.

If I had to pick the aspects I love best about Nigerian traditional pieces that are worn to weddings; I would have to start with the mixture of colour and print that come out to play as featured above.  The next thing I love is the amazing hairstyles that one can witness, as well as the eye-catching accessory pieces as shown below-

Courtesy of Shollot Studios

Courtesy of Shollot Studios

I absolutely adore coral jewellery and can’t wait to own some pieces-

Courtesy of Nairaland.com

I find that when it comes to Nigerian traditional outfits, it’s the detailing that make the looks ricochet of the glamour scale.  For instance, I love the fact that ladies often pair their ensembles with fans, that are often colour-cordinated to match their outfits.  In the first picture, my sister is holding a S-wonderful fern-green feather fan which I gave her as a Christmas gift, and here is how this lady chose to pair her fan with her outfit-

Courtesy of Bellanaija

The lady below decided to funk things up by experimenting with her nail polish-

Courtesy of Nairaland.com

I just adore this ladies colour/print combination and accessorizing.  Also by now, I’m sure you have noticed the elaborate ways, the headpieces (geles) are worn at Nigerian weddings-

Courtesy of Nairaland.com

Next month a very, very dear friend of mine is getting married and I am seuper, seuper (no, that’s not a typo) excited to attend the countryside wedding.  Unfortunately an iro and buba combo may be a tad  much for tut country.

How about the rest of you, are you attending any weddings soon?  What are you planning on wearing?  Where are you planning on buying your wedding ensemble from?