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…but only for a little while!  Since I started this blog I have been trying to balance it with all the other work I do and it’s been a hard but pleasurable struggle.  No matter how busy I’ve been I’ve tried to average 2/3 posts a week. But for the next few weeks, I doubt I will be able to make that.  You see, today I travel to London for many reasons, one of which is to take an Advertising exam, that makes up my Marketing Communications diploma.

And after my trip to London, I go to Nigeria and that I am particularly excited and very nervous about as I am going to the international school I do freelance work for to head my very own creative writing workshop and give a Public Relations/Marketing Presentation to the school.  Furthermore- I have been writing a short story children’s book which is almost done, and I want to have a seminar with some of the students (I’ve selected specially) to test how my book is received by my target audience.

So as you can see, I will be doing a lot and all of the above is not fashion related, but that is why I called this blog, My Fashion S/ash Life– this is how my life is.  And with this work load, my blog is going to have to take a back seat.

Speaking of fashion, I am so, so excited to be travelling to London because I will be able to do what I call ‘shopping’, for the first time in about a year.  I’ve been in Berlin now for almost a year and so far, my shopping here has been purely functional- so I’ll buy a vest here, a pair of leggings there but never anything substantial- because since I’ve been here, I’ve not felt that need and I’ve done more furniture shopping for my new flat, than anything else.

So although I will be crazy busy in London, there are a few items that I hope I can get- my summer wish-list if you will- and it includes

1. An 80’s/90’s Madonna-inspired black lace bustier, as worn below-

I really hope I am able to find one in my favourite retro shops because I love how versatile this piece is, I can dress it up by wearing it with my black sequins bolero, I can ‘man it’ up with my beige ‘boyfriend blazer’ or I can raunch it up by pairing it with my black pleather skirt…ahhhh the endless possibilities….

2.  I want to get a maxi dress, possibly prairie style, which I can toughen or ‘grunge’ up by wearing it with ‘hard as nails’ boots and a rockn’ leather jacket to boot, as Drew Barrymore executes so well here-

3) Speaking of ankle boots, I really want a pair with great studded detail like these fire engine red beauties which would suit me to a T-


Hell, I’ll take them in black too-


And there it is folks, my simple desires…

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to leave me blog comments, give me those ‘oh so desirable’ Facebook likes and share my posts on Linkedin and Twitter.  Your feedback/proactive reactions are greatly appreciated and needed, so please keep them coming.

Also hard as it may be, I will post (although infrequently) to let you know how my various projects unfold and give you a visual insight into what I was wearing as these developments happened!

Till next time! xx