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It was with great sadness that I learnt Donna Summer passed away earlier today.  Since I was a teenager, one of my birthday dreams is to have a party, where for the entrance, I am lowered down from the ceiling sitting astride a giant disco ball as Donna Summer’s legendary, ‘I Feel Love’ is playing.

My favourite era of ‘The Queen of Disco’ was the 70s and 80s where she spawned hits like, ‘Love to Love You Baby’, ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Could It Be Magic’; everything about her at that time oozed luxuriously, decadent glamour and sex appealThere is no denying that till today, several artists pay tribute to some of her iconic looks.  For example, her look for this below cover was to be later imitated by Kelis-



Being a huge fan of ‘Extravaganz-A’, I just love the way Donna Summer pulled off outfits that had ‘a lot going on’, and were heavy on embellishment.  She always managed to do so without the outfit ever wearing her, and without looking like she had been styled to the very last inch of her life, which is the case now with so many artists of today-




Such was Donna’s versatility in music and style, that she could go from blatant raunchy costumes as seen above, to toning it down but still looking the business.  On a side note, this dress fits in very nicely with the current floral print trend-

I also adore this retro number-


Here is eclectic, mismatched parings at its best-


From a style point of view, there is no doubt that Donna Summer was ‘Every Woman’.  But she also left her mark on the beauty industry too, in the 70s and 80s she was well-known for her big hair and statement eyelashes-



Why I find this news especially sad is that for the past few months, I have a ritual in Berlin where I play the below Donna Summer video before I go out at night.  I loved the energy she emanates, and how she worked that leopard print dress with net tulle detailing-