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Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t been in London for so many months, maybe it’s because during this trip I have been more reflective than I have in a long, long time or maybe it’s just because I will do anything not to revise for my upcoming exams; but I’ve been watching my box set of Sex and The City, from season 1 to season 6.

Sex and The City closed its curtains in 2004, and it’s hard for me to believe that it is almost ten years old as the topics still feel so relevant, and will always be as long as men, women and fashion continue to co-exist in this worldMy favourite seasons for Carrie’s style are Season 2, 3 and 4.  And I feel Season 3, was when Carrie really came into her own- with the ghetto-gold earrings, corsages et al.

My love for vintage dresses sprung from Liberty Ross (who in a magazine introduced me to a market called Portobello Market) and Carrie Bradshaw. Yes it’s 2012 and we now have extremely fashion-conscious TV shows which I loosely group into Rich Kid Fashion (e.g. Gossip Girl, 90210 and Revenge), Corporate-Chic Fashion ( e.g. The Good Wife), Period Drama Fashion ( e.g. Downton Abbey) and Fantasy Fashion (e.g. True Blood and Game of Thrones).

However, despite Sex and the City style seeming ancient in fashion years, I feel that Carrie Bradshaw in seasons 2-4 had better style than the Serena’s and Blair’s of today, reason being, due to her trademark mix of vintage and designer pieces- she managed to look as if she hadn’t been styled to the very last inch of her life by Patricia Field.  More importantly, Carrie wore dresses in a way that experimented boldly with fashion and showed a sense of  humour.  A feat that in my opinion, no other TV Show character has been able to repeat.

At the moment, it is absolutely sweltering and the fashion media are dictating that for S/S 12, women should be wearing pastels, florals, peplums, pleated skirts, fluoros, sport inspired pieces etcHowever, even though Carrie wore a lot of the below outfits, almost ten years ago, I believe that they translate effortlessly into the here and now, and can be worn by women now, then and forever.

I have divided them into trends and hope these images inspire you this summer-

1. Get Your Whites Whiter (p.s how amazing is this parasol?)


2. Want Print? Go Floral-



3. Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend-


4. Print It.  Trust Carrie to interpret the Print Trend literally, with this deliciously, shameless label-pushing Newspaper print dress-


5. Romance is back.  Carrie makes us feel whistful and optimistic in soft, sugary, pretty pastels-


6. Say it with Stripes and Killer Abs (if you’ve got them!)-


7. Get a Vintage Frock.  Now.



8. Be Colour-Bold.


9. Clash Everything-



10. Bring out your inner hippie/festival bunny in Tie-Dye.  The below outfit is often on the ‘Top 10 Worst Carrie outfits’ blog list, but I love it.  It is the perfect example of Carrie Bradshaw having fun with fashion, and I love the nod to ‘The Ghetto’ that was given in these episodes with the earrings, headkerchief et al-


What about the corsages, I hear you ask; those images will be coming shortly wrapped up in another blog post.  I went to a countryside wedding recently where I wore one, in fact, my whole outfit was a nod to vintage Carrie Bradshaw mixed with my style (of course).  The blog post will be about that and my favourite vintage shop which allows me to turn my vintage dreams into reality, so patience, patience.

And by the by, which is your favourite Carrie Bradshaw outfit?