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Following on from my last post, I am going to shift my attention and focus on what the wedding guests wore at the Summer wedding I went to.

I had no idea that I would be ‘working’ at the wedding, and by that I mean collecting images for my blog, but I was so pleased with the varying statement styles I saw worn by the various guests, that I had to share it with the rest of you.  Personally, I feel it was such a visually eclectic crowd because it was made essentially out of two camps- the English and the Germans.

Just before I boarded the train for the wedding, I was a bit unsure as to whether I had chosen the right ensemble for the wedding, and so I did various Google searches to see what women in the UK wore to weddings these days.  Luckily, I found a Sunday Times Style article with images that put my worries at ease.

Hopefully these images will give women of varying styles-be it avant-garde or conservative- the inspiration and ideas they need when picking their wedding outfits this Summer-


1. Pale but interesting– I liked how these ladies experimented with different shades of beige and nude coloured tones.  The animal skin bags punctuate their ensembles to perfection.

P.s the lady below is wearing a coat made by her Ma!

2. Black and Colour, Oh My!

3. Do you dare wear All Black, with an arresting shade of lipstick?

4. Bring the 70s to the Now– It’s hard for me to pick favourites, but this ensemble was one of my favourite ensembles of the day.  The cut and hue of the jumpsuit make it a very difficult look to pull of, but this lady did with much aplomb, and as I sometimes say- This trend comes with a weight limit!

And now a close up shot of those gorgeous accessories, I cannot stress how much I love them, they just scream decadence and glamour and give the ensemble a Studio 54 finish-

Speaking of Studio 54

The following guest took a leaf from the 70s tree, but decided to go down the boho 70s route.  There was something very Kate Hudson, circa Almost Famous, that I liked about this ensemble, maybe it’s the fur coat…

5. Be inspired by Old Hollywood– a bolero and curls are all you need:

6. Put a bit of Nature in your accessories

I adored this Froggy bag

6. One is never too old to wear Bold Colour, however contrasting a strong block colour with a more neutral shade helps this lady stay fashionably away from the Mutton dressed as Lamb curse-

 7. Rebel Style-Sometimes it’s good to break the rules.  I think this outfit took a lot of guts, and sometimes guts trumps tradition-

And the radiant Bride wore-

Pssst! She designed this vintage-inspired gown herself- Bravo!

So now I hope you can see why this turned into a working day after all, it was so much fun though and I’d like to thank everyone who let me take pictures of them and where patient with my directing!

I’d love to know which is your favourite trend?  Which outfit would you wear to a wedding?