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I was talking to a male friend of mine and he said something along the lines of, ‘Biki I like your blog but I don’t tend to read it much as it seems to mainly focus on women.’  This was great feedback for me as it made me aware that I have to focus a lot more on my boys, as I am equally (and sometimes more so) inspired and captivated by men, I mean menswear.

Sometimes, I feel sorry when it comes to men and their shopping options (money wise);  take this wedding for example, as a woman I can trot to Topshop (or a similar high street store) and find an ensemble from the top of my cornrowed head to my tippy toes that does not exceed £100; and it will have guests OOOhhhn and Aaahn, asking if my outfit sprung from a high-fashion designer collection.  However, if a man buys a suit and accessories to match from a High Street store for that same amount, chances are due to the cut, material and finish, it will look like he picked it up from a store titled, ‘Posh Suits R Us’.

I am happy to say that the following men I photographed at the wedding I recently attended know how to work a good suit, can I get an Amen followed by a Hallelu!

Here is a perfect example of a fine, young English Gentleman; contrasting his slate grey suit with a jovial, lemon yellow tie gives his ensemble a pleasing finish.

Style tip- every man above the age of 21 should invest in three-piece suit, why?  I believe this image gives the answer-

This was one of my favourite suits of the day.  I have a big crush on Brandon Flowers from The Killers, and part of the reason is because I love the (often) flamboyant nature of his suits.  If I was to style Brandon (yes, we are on first name basis), I would put him in the below ensemble.

Style tip- a 3/4 length jacket underneath a suit goes a long, stylish way for tall men with lean physiques-

Brandon Flowers, courtesy of mychemicaltoilet.com

Brandon Flowers, courtesy of Arjanwrites.com

Style Tip- skinny ties and belts take years of a man when he wears a suit.  Reason being, it gives of a more youthful and rock n roll edge.

I also liked this gentleman’s pointed shoes, it is a look that I have seen many a Try hard Soho London boy get too carried away with, by that I mean the shoes are so long with the point that you feel they are about to curl up giving the man a slight Wicked Witch of the West quality.  Not hot.

Brandon Flowers, courtesy of Last.fm

I adore this bold paisley print tie- that’s my brother btw. I don’t mean to be prejudice, but isn’t he a cutie?  Style runs in the family.  Of course-

Boys, if you want to brighten up your appearance, you can always use your girlfriend as your accessory.  I love the contrast of colour with this couple-

And the dashing groom wore-

Which suit would you go for?  When it comes to suits, what kind of suit do you like to wear or do you like to see a man wearing?