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Berlin Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2013 starts next week, and now more than ever, I am keeping my beady eyes open to see how people will be wearing their various ensembles this Summer.  As engaging as it is to watch models stalk the catwalks portraying the latest designer offerings, I love to see how ‘real people’ sashay down the streets portraying their own personal style.

Take my very stylish friend for example, we had made lunch plans and I was going to tell her to wear something with pizzazz as I would be taking pictures for my blog, but then I decided against giving her any warning, as I wanted to see what she would come up with on her own.  She didn’t disappoint-

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Bankabank (nickname!) at a birthday party I had gone to on my own.  I hadn’t known anyone at the party but as the music was so great (old school R&B tracks by the likes of Eve, Lil’ Kim, Dru Hill and the, ‘those were the fabulous days’ like), I was doing my thing and dancing away.  And as we shared the same love of that kind of music, and were not wall flowers, somehow we got to talking and I had a great time with her.

Speaking of dancing, Ms Bankabank has a great energy which she shows on the dance floor, so I especially loved this statement vest.  Anyone who knows me or has seen me on the dance floor knows that, ‘dancing is my thing’-

I also adored her oversized brown leather bag, which is the perfect accessory for a hot summers day.

Summer Tip- applying a summer-inspired nail polish hue like sugar-candy pink places your ensemble firmly in summery mode

Ms Bankabank also shows how an oversized, short-sleeved knit cardigan is the way to way to cover up this summer

And now the pièce de résistance- her earrings, which I pounced on the moment she got close enough to me, as they are soooo what I would wear.  Imagine my surprise and delight when she told me she had made them herself

So of course I asked to see if she had any other pieces to show me, which she did on her phone.  I won’t go into too much detail on the beauties I saw, as I would like to show them soon on my blog.  I am happy to report that Ms Bankabank said that all her friends get their first order for free- Woo hoo!

Ms Bankabank when the time comes, I will be styling your first online lookbook collection!

P.S I loved the grafitti on this wall!

So people, what kind of things will you be wearing to illustrate the fact that the summer season is upon us?  Statement vest tops?  Nail polish that POPS?  I’d love to know.