Hello Everyone

Cosmopolitan is currently collecting nominations for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 with Next.

I would love it if you could vote me for the Best New Fashion Blogger category.

To take you through filling out the voting form-

1) My blog comes under the Best New Fashion Blogger category.

2) My Blog URL is https://myfashionslashlife.wordpress.com

3) YES, my blog is under a year old

Here is the link for voting (the actual voting page is on page 2)-


The opportunity to be one of the chosen nominees for this award would really mean so much to me personally and professionally.  I remember learning of this award when I first moved to Berlin in June 2011, and seeing the blogs that were nominated last year was what helped to further inspire me to start my own blog.  I also formed some great blog relationships with some of the nominees.

Now my blog is in its 11th month, I would love the opportunity to see it listed amongst one of the Best New Fashion Blogger Nominees.

Thank you for all those who have supported my blog from the very beginning to now.

Voting shuts at midnight this Saturday 30th June 2012.

Thank you!