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If you read my blog regularly you will be familiar with the fashion shoot I styled using a brown-haired beauty by the name of Lukas Ziegele.  If you don’t, permit me to refresh your memory with this link-


After the shoot, I made it my raison d’être  to see Lukas signed with a decent model agency, so I sent the images to various model agencies in London and Berlin.  Unfortunately, I was met with rejections and recommendations (for e.g. one agency suggested that Lukas should cut his hair to have more of an edge).  However, as everyone in the industry knows, a lot of things boil down to luck and timing, even when you have talent. I told Lukas this and I also told him that no matter what he should keep on going to go-see’s, contacting agencies and doing modelling work to build his portfolioI have an eye and I knew that Lukas could be a great model one day.

So I was very excited to learn that when I was away from Berlin, Lukas bagged his first campaign with designer, Anja Pawlik, who owns the label, J’ai mal à la tête

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the S/S 2013 campaign

My nickname for Lukas is, My Dark Angel– I call him this because I feel with his features and bone structure, he can either look as innocent as a Botticelli angel or as devilish as a well-seasoned casanova-

I love this Sci-fi esque shot because I hardly recognise Lukas, and that is the power of a great, creative shot and team

Bravo Lukas, these shots will look great in your portfolio!

All images courtesy of Photographer, Elizaveta Porodina.

Which is your favourite shot?