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Obviously I look nothing like Alicia Keys.  However from the moment I saw the beads hanging of her cornrows when she crooned one of my favourite songs (that I can always relate to)- Falln’- I knew that I had to do a hairstyle where I applied beads to my cornrows.

Courtesy of Blackhairstyles.com

And I adored the hairstyle and fedora hat she sported in her debut album cover-

Courtesy of Lipstickalley.com

I love how she added a Street Gangster edge to her cornrows in this performance-

Well it took me over 10 years but I finally did a hairstyle where I used wooden beads in my cornrows.  I have to give props to my hair stylist in Lagos because she was the one that got the beads for me.  Honestly, when I told her to buy them for me I was a bit apprehensive as to what she would bring back but I fell in love with these wooden beads as soon as I saw them-

When I was a child growing up in Nigeria, I remember going to a woman’s house who had curtains that were made entirely out of string beads, I will always remember the feeling of going through them, the noise and movement they made- I have wanted similar curtains ever since.

My ring is from Aldo and I adore it-

This ensemble is a good example of how I like to clash and mix colours and prints.

Print Clash Tip- Choose a colour from your main ensemble and use it in the other pieces that make up your outfit.  For instance, I lifted the beige tone from my floral print dress and paired my dress with a chocolate-brown print jacket and nude sandals.

The dress and sandals are from Topshop, the belt was a gift and the headscarf is from Peekaboo.  I designed the Ankara print jacket, meaning I drew the design of the jacket, bought the print material and got a tailor to make the jacket.

So ladies and gentleladies, who will be inspiring your hairstyle this summer?  What is your popular ‘go-to’ hairstyle during this time of the year?