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On my recent trip to London, as I edited my closet I found a collection of exquisite handmade bags that I had completely forgotten about.  In fact seeing them transported me back to almost ten years ago when I discovered a very talented, extraordinary artist called Vesna Orel.

Vesna Orel

Vesna Orel was a Croatian actress, but she also had another creative outlet- making bags and I first discovered her in her stall where she used to sell her assorted hand-made bags in Portobello market.  Very soon, Vesna and I became friends and when I would go shopping in Notting Hill, I would often go to her flat (which was very near the market) for tea and she always fascinated me with tales from her past and I was always blown away by her latest bag creations.

Here are a selection of the bags I bought from her which I have given names to

The Green Fairy Bag

The Black & Pink Patent Fairy Bag

The back of the bag-

I found Vesna’s approach to these bags to be pure genius, she would be better at explaining this to you, but what I loved was the fact that she used vintage bags as her base and then customised them by adding various embellishments like cut-out fabrics, sequins, lace, feathers and brooches.

The Yellow Fairy Bag

The Jesus Bag

Vesna didn’t only create Fairy bags and this bag got the most rave reviews by the public.  I wear this bag to honour my Catholic school upbringing

These bags are now tucked in my closet shelved away with the memories that came with wearing them.  At the time, I was a Quintessentially member, wore jeans and frequented many a club in Chelsea and Kensington- that girl is no more.  However, my dream is to hang these bags up on the wall in my future flat, to me these bags are works of art.

Those who know me, know I love Marilyn Monroe, in my room in London I have what can be loosely called as a Marilyn shrine as I have her films, songs she sang on CD, postcards,  photography books on her and many more- but I will always treasure the Marilyn bags that Vesna made for me based on the specifications I asked for which I will post at a later date.

So people, which is your favourite Vesna bag?

Ps It’s my blogs’ 1 year old birthday today- so thank you everyone who has supported in the past year by comments, shares, likes, feature articles and the like!