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If you read my blog regularly, you will be familiar with my, ‘Hot Boys In Cool Clothes’ features.  Well this time readers, I got my sources from Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2013 and I have to say it was pure joy to source the images for this article.  I hate to put emphasis on the seemingly superficial, but it’s a truly wonderful sight when fetching looks and good style collide.  Want proof?  Well, have a look for yourselves-

He was the epitomy of ‘Modern Dandy-Chic’

Boys, it’s all in the detailing, that canary yellow flower pinned to his striped blazer lifts his ensemble to the stylish heavens

Belt and shoes colour coordination, me likey-

In my opinion, there were two menswear trends that kept rearing their fashionable heads as I prowled the Mercedes-Benz tent, the first was the ‘Texan Tuxedo‘ i.e double denim

I tried to break the ice with my Texan Tuxedo joke to the below fine (or as they say in the hood- Fooooine) specimen but he gazed at me blankly through his tinted lens as I delivered my punchline.  But that’s okay.  He’s hot-

The second trend was, Ripped Jeans, the above Madonna Video guy (because he reminds me of one of the models in the ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video) shows how to kill two trends with one stone, whilst the below fellow incorporates the trend sparingly by contrasting his ripped coloured jeans with a smart blazer

I do go weak at the knees when I see a tipped bowler hat framing a cute visage

Cute quiff

I loved his mustard print scarf

Now, normally I am not a fan of ‘witty’ slogan T’s, but as I read the fine print on this cutey-cute’s T, I couldn’t help but laugh as I got to the punchline. Why?  He’s hot-

And now, ladies and gentleladies, drum rolls please as I bring you the pièce de résistance.  Do you guys remember the Levi’s 90s ads, you know the ones with the topless, long-haired male models who would often be passing smouldering looks at some gazelle as they jumped of their pickup truck in the desert?  And as they did this some rock n roll band would be strumming away…

Well, he took me back to those good ol’ days-

I have 501’s number, jealous?

So readers, you can’t say I don’t take care of you!  Now who gets your vote?