I love Berlin but coming from London which is far more culturally diverse- the one thing I would like to see more of are black women.  And to elaborate on that, it’s not just about seeing them, there are certain conversations I have missed having which I can only have with such a woman like- where do you get your Afro hair done? What do you think of Monica’s latest weave? Where can I buy plantain without crossing the Seven Seas?  I spoke to my hair stylist about this and she mentioned some areas in Berlin that had a strong black population.  As good as this was to know, they were not areas that fit into the social equation of my life, so it was great to go to Berlin Fashion Week S/S 13, see and chat with these girls-

Isn’t she cute as a button?

I love this lady’s turban.  I also told her that she reminded me of model, Toccara Jones but she didn’t konw who I meant.  Shame.

Toccara Jones. Courtesy of Britunes2.wordpress.com

See what I mean?  The resemblance is uncanny.

Boomerang film lovers will know that we know how to ‘Cwwordinate’-

I found out some very interesting information from the above lady, she told me that she is working on a project that seeks to host an African and African-inspired fashion show in Berlin next season (January 2013).

I hope the project comes to be, because it was very exciting news to hear.  However, having worked in the industry for over six years and been present to witness a few of such shows, I now greet such news with happiness and then trepidation.  Reason being at these shows, I tend to see the same problems rear their ugly heads like- insufficient budgeting and sponsorship, lack of adequate public relations/media promotions, models being used that don’t do justice to the clothes due to their poor walking, height deficiency and all round non-model appeal (which leads to the models not doing their job, which is ultimately to sell the clothes), designers showing amateur collections- the list goes on.

I have to stress here that for every dozen or so of the above kind of shows, there are African and African-inspired shows that are showcasing their designers in a favourable light and are getting the sort of positive global recognition that further puts this market on the map.

I only hope that the upcoming African fashion show in Berlin will do the same and I wish them the best of luck.