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If you follow fashion blogs, chances are you would have heard of Advanced Style, the brilliant blog set up by Ari Seth Cohen, that shows that like a fine wine, style gets better with age.

Well during my recent trip to Lagos, Nigeria, I began to watch my mother’s style more than ever.  Actually, it was more than her style, it was her attitude to fashion and life.  I only hope that when I am in my Sixties, I still want to make an effort when I dress, and that when I do the results are similar to this-

It was actually quite funny to take these pictures because my mum really didn’t understand why she was being told to turn left, right and centre.  And then came the long explanation of what a ‘blog’ is, which turns out, is not the easiest of things to explain (to me anyway).

I loved the all-emerald green ensemble and the blending of gold into her outfit.

Sorry about the quality of these images, I didn’t travel with my digital camera and so was left to take these snaps with my Kodak camera.  Yes, a kodak camera, I think I am the only one single-handedly keeping them in business.