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Not to long ago I did a post announcing the prizes I would be giving for the Ms Yanga competition, and to refresh your memory, check out the beauties that I will be giving out for the first and second prize-


For those of you unfamiliar with the Nigerian term, ‘Yanga’, suffice to say that the competition is about choosing who you think dresses with the most pizzaz from the tip of her head to the bottom of her tippy toes.

And now here are the Miss Yanga finalists, which two lucky ladies will walk away with those statements pieces?  That’s up to you readers-

1. Ms Faye

2. Ms Becks Buki

3. Ms AJ

4. Ms Isabel

5. Ms Naila

6. Ms Banke

Voting Rules

To vote for Ms Yanga-

1. You must be a follower of My Fashion Slash Life, if you are not, it takes a few seconds- just click on the ‘Sign me up’ tab on the top left hand side of my blog page.

2. You should leave the name of your choice in my Comments box- the two names that get the most mentions will win the prizes.

NB- contestants please tell your supporters that they must follow both of these two rules, voters that leave a name in the Comments box and are not My Fashion Slash Life followers will not be considered.

3. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday August 5th 2012.

So start voting people, the two winners will be announced on Wednesday 8th August 2012.