In many ways I consider my blog an extension of myself. Or maybe my blog is to me what Sasha Fierce is to Beyoncé , I’ll get back to you on that one.  Anyhoo, I change my hairstyle (and most times quite radically) at least twice a month, so having the same blog header for the past six months or so has not sat entirely well with me.  It is most definitely time for a change, and so the bitter-sweet hunt for a fashion illustrator begins.

Courtesy of Haydenwilliamsfashionillustrations.blogspot.de/

I learnt a lot from working with the last fashion illustrator who designed the header I have at the moment.  Up till then I had never worked with one and rather like the first time I worked with a fashion photographer- it was through experience that I learnt the questions and things to look out for to best ensure a successful result.

From my personal experience, here are my tips to anyone out there who is looking for a fashion illustrator to work on their blog header-

1) If you are looking for a round-up of fashion illustrators both emerging and established, look no further than- I love illustration it’s a great blog that gives you the lowdown on the who’s who of fashion illustrators around the globe

2) Be realistic on the fashion illustrator you can get to work for you on a blog header project- especially if your blog is new.  For example, I would love Sabine Pieper to work on my blog but her CV includes doing great illustrations for the likes of Elle magazine and the mega Vlisco brand; so it goes to say that I will have to get in line.  A veeery long line.

Courtesy of Sabinepeper.com

3) Make sure you do well rounded research on the average price for an illustrated blog header so you don’t get fleeced.

Courtesy of Plushpaparazzi-embassy.blogspot.com

4) Before you sign the dotted line with your fashion illustrator, ensure you know what the extra costs are for every change the illustrator has to make on your illustration once they give you a first finished viewing.  This is especially important, I did not do this and so I only found out half way that to make more changes I had to pay a hefty additional price.

5) If your blog has certain dimension restrictions for your blog header, see if your fashion illustrator can give you the finished result in those dimensions.  I have WordPress and the illustrator I worked with was not able to give me my existing blog header in the specified WordPress dimensions.  I tried to alter the image myself but couldn’t and came dangerously close to paying for something I could not use.  However two good friends of mine managed to sort this out for me.

Courtesy of Nikipilkington.com

6. Try not to limit your communication with the illustrator to emails or other digital communications.  Get the illustrator’s phone number and speak to him or her during the process.  This is especially relevant for those who have blogs that are more on the personal side, you will want to work with an illustrator who you feel ‘get’s where you are coming from’ with the project and speaking to them is the best way to decipher that.

Ok that’s the more serious stuff out of the way and now for the more fun stuff- searching for a fashion illustrator, wish me luck- I’m going in!

Courtesy of Ebonyadell.wordpress.com