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Socially, this week was particularly interesting for me because I had a very good friend have two female guests stay at his house and we all went out a lot.  I love to see Berlin through people’s eyes who have never been to the city, as it makes everything new again for me in some ways.

Not only were the two girls very fun to hang around with, they each had a unique beauty and style that I was very eager to capture with my camera.  I want to focus on each girl individually, so this time around I will focus on Ms Anat.

Ms Anat reminded me of a petite muse that high fashion 60’s photographers like Richard Avedon would have loved to shoot.  To me she was part Jane Birkin, part Parisian It Girl and all chic simplicity.  I watched with interest as she transformed from laid back Stylista to elegant Night Vamp with intrigue-

Day Time

Here we see Anat in classic day time chic attire.  She modernizes the classic blue jean and white T combo by playing with her body proportions- the oversized white T does not drown her frame because it is paired with blue skinnies which gives the look a contemporary twist.  Her camel-tone accessories adds a more luxurious tone to the outfit.  Furthermore, tying a multi-coloured print scarf to her bag puts Anat’s personal stamp on her ensemble.

Night Time

Yes, yes, I know it’s still day time in the below images, so why have I classified this look as a day time look? Well this was what Anat wore when we all went to Berghein for the Sunday Tea Time dance and as anyone would tell you it doesn’t get more Dark and Decadent than Berghein!

This look is classic chic simplicity.  The slim fit cut of this jumpsuit paired with stilettos elongates her legs and ensures that Anat’s frame looks in proportion.

Anat told me that she doesn’t wear jewellery and with her statement bangs and detailings of her jumpsuit like the cut out back and partial transparency- she really doesn’t need to.

Here again, we see Anat play with shape and proportions, but this time around the day friendly white T has been swapped for a more subtly sexy peekaboo oversized top; and roll up slim fit denim take the place of her drainpipe skinnies.

When one is petite, the key to pulling of an oversized top is to ensure the fabric allows the top to drape against the curves of your body and accentuate your lines.  I adore the way Anat’s black top falls on her and the different lengths it creates at the hem.

I had so much fun taking these pictures- thanks for your patience Anat.

I’ll leave you all with The Petite Parisian Du Jour- Vanessa Paradis: