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Following on from my last post, here is the good friend of Ms Anat who showed us her Petite Style.  This time around we have Ms Mor, and yes that is her full and ‘real’ name-

Mor has very striking features, and she reminded me of the sultry Megan Fox

Megan Fox. Courtesy of Healthyceleb.com

and Eliza Dushku (in her Faith, Buffy and the Vampire days)-

Eliza Dushku. Courtesy of Moredel.com

and although I am no photographer; I did my best to capture her unique beauty, sense of style and joie de vivre with these images-

The face that ‘launched a 1000 ships’-

It is at this point I will tell you a random fact about Mor, she knows how to operate a M16 rifle.  When Mor first told me this, I told her that, that would drive guys crazy, well Mor Crazy (Ha!) about her- the Lara Croft fantasy helloooo- anyhoo, at that point we laughed because we both tried to come up with ideas of how the hell one slips that into conversation when you first meet a guy.  Well, that is the beauty of blogging- now everyone knows!

Mor’s Summer-White blouse is an essential staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe.  I adored the sheer detailing coupled with the peekaboo back.  Her wet look black jeans will also be a favourite of any girl who likes to put some rock n’ roll into her ensemble.

Thanks for the pictures Mor, I had so much fun taking them- you were a real pro!

I’ll leave you all with a Joan Jett song that sets the perfect background for these images- Have a good weekend!