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Gothic? Summer?  Aren’t those two words by their very definition a contradiction in terms?  Can they really work together harmoniously?

Well readers, the below PBT ( Pretty Blonde Thing) answers these questions in the affirmative with this Black and Silver number-

People who have a good eye for detail will appreciate this outfits subtlety.  I personally really like the transparency detail and the fact that the dress has two layers.  It’s quietly sexy.  I can appreciate that.

Every Stylista knows that if they are wearing all-black, they gotta ‘Bring It’ with the Statement Jewellery.  How great is this silver antique-looking piece?

For the party girls who are undecided on the best way to carry their ammunition, which in party talk includes- makeup, change of shoes, money, pepper spray... Ms PBT shows off her cute leather rucksack

Speaking of Black and Silver and all things Gothic, I might just have to take this ensemble out for a test drive this summer-