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Really this post should be called, ‘I need a minion to follow me around to take pictures of me for my blog.’  I don’t know how Personal Style bloggers do it, who is that lovely person with a camera dangling from their necks always ready, willing and able to take pictures of them in fabulous locations whilst they, ‘Strike a pose, Vogue’?

Moving on to the post at hand, I’d like to show you all my new hairstyle that I did to celebrate the new September Fashion Season.  As you can see I am going through a Cornrows and Beads phase.  I’d like to apologise for the lighting, I know it’s not the best but I’m sure you get the gist of it-

I thought of the hairstyle on my own, right down to where each bead was going to be placed.  Luckily, Lovely Lydia at Afro Lydia worked with me on this as she knows I am not fussy but I know what I want (insert Finger Snap).  I was also very happy with how she followed my instructions and braided the rows in a curve-like pattern on this side of my head, like so-

Really, all I need now is to carry a calabash on my head as I Sashay Shante through the streets of Berlin…

Do any of you out there dream of your next hairstyle?  I do! And after tossing and turning wondering which direction I would take my TWA next, it was great to wake up and almost exclaim to the world, ‘I got it!!’

Do you have dresses that you love but somehow rarely wear?  For me, this electric-blue number is one of them.  For whatever reason, when I wear it I want to head to Studio 54, I love the colour, the way it moves when I walk and most importantly, I love the length.  I am very particular about my dress length, and it’s usually very difficult for me to find dresses with this length….

Dress, belt, butterfly pendant and black and gold top- Portobello Market

Fish necklace- Gift

Purple and Gold sandals- Topshop

Price of hairstyle- 50 euros

Length of time to do hair-  2 1/2 hours